French Phrase of the Day! You are so nice.

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I think it’s important to feature good behavior, so making sure they are getting attention for good things is important to me. Even the simplest thing of being just overall nice to each other during a regular school day is something to be celebrated! Have your kids practice, “You are so nice,” to each other during your morning school time today! Tell me… what’s something sweet and small your child did that made your day better?

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Welcome back to our compliment phrases for this week.

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Today’s phrase, Nolan, is

“You are so nice,”

which is true.

“You are so nice.”

So we’re gonna learn to say that in a language.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook,

I’ll show you where to find it in the app over here.

Okay, Nolan, grab that random language generator

and let’s find out what language you and I are doing.

Oh, the books didn’t even go.

Let’s see. You got French!

So let’s go over to it.

So in the app,

you’re gonna wanna go down to “N” and then you’re gonna

go over to “Naughty.”

Do you remember the phrase is?


The phrase is, “You are so nice.”

Do you think that’s under “Naughty?” Yeah.

It’s under “Nice!”

And you’re not being naughty. “You’re being so nice.”

‘Cause you’re so nice!

Okay, so you’re a male and I’m a female, right?

Are you a boy?

So in French, I’m gonna say it, well,

it’s actually written different.

I think it sounds the same.

Let’s find out.

So here’s to you

“Tu” “Tu”

Say it with me. “Tu”

“es” “es”

“si” “si” “si” “gentil.” “gentil.”

“Tu es si gentil.” “Tu es si gentil.”

That was really nice.

I think it’s pronounced the same way to a female,

but written different. Let’s see.

“Tu” “Tu” “es” “es” “Tu es”

“si” “Tu es si” “Tu es si”

“gentile.” “gentile.”

“Tu es si gentile.” “Tu es si gentile.” “Tu es si gentile.”

It’s always fun to be able to

use a phrase right away and practice it.

And Nolan, “You are the nicest!”

Thanks for joining us for today’s Phrase of the Day.


We’ll see you later. Bye!


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