French Phrase of the Day! What a cool rock!

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Oh, mom. You know that child who has rocks in their pockets? Rocks lining up outside the backdoor? Rocks in a box that are worth more than treasure? This phrase is for them! …or for you to use every time they bring you another… rock!


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Hey, it’s Adelaide and…

we’re doing kids’ phrases!

For foreign language Phrase of the Day

we’re doing kids’ phrases, and this
is Darian, my son, and this is…



Okay Nolan, come on.

Okay, so if you would like to
follow along in the language

of your choice, comment below
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Okay, the baby’s in here.
The baby’s in here. The phrase today is,

“What a cool…”
…no, it’s okay

is, “What a cool rock!”
…now leave the baby alone.

“What a cool rock!”

Do you guys ever say that?

All the time.

Yeah, like

“Oh, look at this cool rock.”
“What a cool rock!”

Don’t I sound just like you?


So, today we’re doing the phrase in French.

So, let’s go ahead and try that out.

If you already have the $35
phrase book, you can follow along

in the app, and I’m going
to show you how to get there.

So, you’re going to go to…

Oh my gosh! You’re
going to go to “R”

There is something…
There is something there

We’re going to go to “R”
and then we’re going to go on the

top over to “Rock.”
Okay Nolan, “Rock” right there.

Okay, “What a cool rock!”
Let’s try it in French.

Here we go.

Oh, you know what?

I might have turned this guy off.

Oh no…
(…Siri speaking)


Here we go.

Don’t edit this out.

“Trop” “Trop”

Why did it stop?

What did I do wrong?

Hector, you are making quite a lot
of noise in the background.

“Trop” “Trop” “cool” “cool” “comme” “comme” “pierre !” pierre !”

“Trop cool comme pierre !”
Let’s hear it again. We were too noisy.

Ok, listen everybody.

“Trop” “Trop” “cool” “cool” “comme”
“comme” “pierre !” pierre !”

“Trop cool comme pierre !”
“Trop cool comme pierre !”

Awesome! …I was kind of confused.
That’s ok because we’re just starting, right?

So, we would go out,
and we could go and find different

rocks, and we could say,
“Trop cool comme pierre !”

Right? And we can do it, and then if we’re like,
“Oh, I don’t remember how it sounds,”

we could listen to it again.
So, let’s listen to it again.

Listen to it again!

Sorry, I’m playing the wrong phrase.

Sorry guys.

“Trop” “Trop” “cool” “cool” “comme”
“comme” “pierre !” pierre !”

“Trop cool comme pierre !”
“Trop cool comme pierre !”

I like that.

That was a really great try!

Okay, I would love it

if you guys are using this phrase,
that you could tag us on

Instagram. We’re going to have to
make one of us doing it

in Spanish or German, and
tag us @talkboxmom so

we can feature you.

Okay. Bye everybody!

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