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No party is complete without some sick beats! Mmmm, did I just sound too much like, T Swizzle there? Okay, fine. I won’t embarrass my boys by blasting Taylor at their next birthday, but I will at least say this phrase, “Turn up the music,” in German as they turn up their favorite singer… the guy that makes those Annoying Orange songs. 😭😭😭 Why did my mom ever show them those videos?! My kids have such bad taste.

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Hi, I’m Nolan and I’m super excited.
Let’s do the phrase.

Yes, I’m excited that Nolan’s here.

He’s always kind of scared to come on camera and try this out,

so he’s being really brave to try out phrases in front of everybody.

We have been doing our party phrases
for the week.

Huh, Nolan? You’ve been doing such a nice job.

It’s been really fun having you.
And today’s phrase is a really fun one.

It’s, “Turn Up the Music!”
So you know the party’s getting

fun because we want to turn up that music.

Can you show them our
Phrase of the Day calendar, Nolan?

Did you guys know that if you message us you can get this

calendar for free and you can follow along with this week’s

phrases in the language of your choice?
What language would

you choose to get the calendar in, Nolan?

Would you choose Spanish or German?

Oh, you want to push the button?


We’re going to try out
this phrase in one language.

We don’t push it yet.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook, you can go in the

app and try it out in the language of your choice,

and we’ll show you how to get there.

All right go for it, Mr. Nolan, you push that language button.

And go.

All right.

You got French.

We’re going to try it out in French.

Right here, Nolan, is the map at the bottom of the calendar for how to

get to the phrase.

So I want you to look at it, Nolan.

Where do we have to go to find the phrase?

What letter is that?
Say it loud for everybody to hear.

“M” “M” Wait, they can’t see your face.
Tell them. “M” “M”

So go to “M” and then this one says, “Music”
So look at this. Look at my screen.

This is my app right here, Nolan,
from my phone.

I’m moving the app and I’m just going to click on music and

this app comes with your purchase.

So when you purchase it, whatever you purchase shows up in the app.

So you’ll have all the phrases in the app when you get your book.

Okay, so we’re going to do, “turn up the music,” in French.

Nolan, do you speak a lot of French?

No, so you’re going to try it out.

Okay, come up on your knees so we can see you try it out.

I am on my knees.

I know you’re being super brave.

Okay, here we go.

Let’s try out this phrase.

“Augmente” “Augmente” “le” “le”
“volume !” “volume !”

“Augmente le volume !”
“Augmente le volume !”

That was a good first try, Nolan. I thought that was really nice.

When you start doing a new language

you might not hear all the sounds being said and that’s okay.

It takes a couple weeks
to a couple months to hear those

sounds, so however you say it is really good because you’re

being brave like Nolan and trying it out.

So. Nolan, now that you’ve said,
“turn up the music,” what song do

you think we’d be listening to?
What’s a fun song you like?

Do you like the song.. what’s those songs that you guys like to sing?

The Captain Hook song or I Can’t Find My Sunglasses.

Darian likes that.
Oh, Darian likes that?

How about Everybody Dance Now?

I know someone is a fan of that.

So what we could do to practice this phrase, Nolan, is we could

have your favorite song on, kind of low, and then you would

say it in French to turn up the music and then I would turn

up really loud. We would dance, and then I’d turn it really quiet

again, and then in French, you would say,
“turn up the music.”

And that’s how we would practice this phrase, so that we could

actually use it when we’re say, in the car, and Nolan’s favorite

song comes on.

So, that’s how you can practice the phrase with your kids.

So, thanks for joining us for Phrase of the Day.

Thank you, Nolan, for being so brave and trying out French.

That was a really great job.

I love you.

All right, bye everybody.

Have a great day.


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