French Phrase of the Day! There aren’t any clouds in the sky.

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The most beautiful things in life are often the simplest, aren’t they? Going for walks has been a sanity saver during the past few months. Sanity. Saver. Yes?! 🙌 Taking a slow stroll for my kids to pick up bugs, look at leaves, and enjoy the spring weather has helped my house stay cleaner and snacks not disappear as fast. 😅 And when it’s a clear day out, we always look up and say today’s phrase, “There aren’t any clouds in the sky.” Because the simple things.


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Hello, and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day!

We’re continuing on with our weathers phrase.

And today is,
“There aren’t any clouds in the sky.”

Let me check if there’s any clouds in the sky.

Okay. I’m Adelaide, the owner of TalkBox.Mom.

And I’m Darian, the son of the owner
at TalkBox.Mom.

Aw, thank you.

And we’re going to help you to talk in a foreign language with your family.

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All right, Darian, let us know what language were doing.

Oh my goodness!

Okay, we’re doing French!
So to get to this phrase,

you’re going to want to go to “S”
“S” for “Super, super, super poops.”

Darian, no potty talk. And then we’re gonna
go over to, “Sky.”


And the phrase, “There aren’t any clouds-“
And there’s, “Sleep” right there.

-“in the sky.”
In the sky…

Okay, Darian and I are new to French,

so if you do French at home, we’ll let you guys repeat the full phrase.

Yeah, yeah. And we’re gonna give it our best go.

Yeah, we’re probably gonna-
Let’s start with the native speaker.

Here we go.

“Il” “Il” “n’y” “n’y” “a” “a” “aucun” “aucun”

“nuage” “nuage” “dans” dans” “le” “le” “ciel” “ciel”

“Il n’y a aucun nuage dans le ciel”
“Il n’y a aucun nuage dans le ciel”

Okay, awesome!

That was- That was a good first try.

I feel like I need more time with this phrase.

Yeah, yeah this seems a little hard.

So definitely take your time with this phrase.

Listen to the audio again and again.
It takes time and then you’ll

hear it better and then you get super good
and your friends

will be like, “Whaaaa?” And in their heads will be like [explode]. And then tag

us on Instagram, (@talkboxmom)

so we, our heads can be like [explode].
But you don’t really want your

head to be [explode] or you be like, done.

Okay. All right!

See you guys.



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