French Phrase of the Day! The bus is coming.

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“The bus is coming,” works well with yesterday’s phrase! It’s always a fine balance between being early for the bus but not being so early that you stand around waiting forever! We used to take the bus all the time when we were living in Europe. Their public transportation system is very well organized, so we enjoyed taking it!

Have you gone on a trip abroad and used their public transportation system? How did it go?

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Today’s phrase is,

“The bus is coming!”

Yes, so we are continuing on with our free

Phrase of the Day printable for our city phrases.

And so today’s phrase is, “The bus is coming.”

Darian and I are going to try out

that phrase in a foreign language together.

And you can follow it on—

If you have the phrasebook,

we’ll show you where it is in the app.

So let’s try it out, Darian.

Darian, you’re going to choose the language for us.

We would love for you to join us at home,

saying it out loud and giving it your best.

Okay, here we go.

All right, Darian, you have chosen “Use French at Home.”


Yay, you wanna try out some French? Yes!

So if you already have the phrasebook,

you’re going to want to go, for this phrase to “B”




For “Bad bus?”

Oh no, there is “Bad” in the section too.

Oh really?

Oh yeah. “Bad butt.”

Excuse, excuse me? No, no, no, no.

Okay, let’s do the “Bus.”

Why is the “Bus” so far?

Because there are so many awesome phrases.

Over 1,700 phrases to be exact.

Okay. So here we go.

“The bus is coming.”

That’s our phrase, right?

All right, let’s try this in French.

“Le” “Le” “bus” “bus” “arrive.” “arrive.”

“Le bus arrive.” “Le bus arrive.” “Le bus arrive.”

Oh wait, I want— “Le bus arrive.”

Wow, you said that so nice.

Let me hear it again, I want to hear it.

“Le” “Le” “bus” “bus” “arrive.” “Le bus arrive.”

“Le bus arrive.” “Le bus arrive.”

Couldn’t you just be like—

I can just see us on the street in Paris and the bus is

like, it’s coming and then I say that.

“Le bus arrive.” And do you hear that cognate, “Arrive?”


The bus arrives, “The bus is coming.”

That’s really fun.

I could see us using that.

I want to go to Paris and use that with you.

I want to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower.

I hope— Do you remember seeing the Eiffel Tower

when your little? A little bit or no?

I remember flashing lights.

Yeah, we got there and it was all sparkly.

Yeah it was.

But when we can visit again

because right now we can’t visit. But when we can.

Well, we would love to see you using this phrase,

if you are using this phrase

in your city life or maybe even the school bus.

So tag us in your Instagram stories at


All right, see you there!

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