French Phrase of the Day! Set the table.

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Do you split up the dinner chores in your house? Sometimes kids just love doing certain tasks, so one kid chooses to set the table while another kid always loads the dishwasher. Isn’t it interesting how kids have a preference on helping out from a young age? This week use, “Set the table,” the next time your kids are helping get dinner ready!

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and welcome back to this week’s phrases of

dinner time!

I’m here with?

I’m here with, who?


Nolan, my little boy who’s seven now.

And we are going to be doing the phrase,

“Set the table,”

because that’s something that we say all the time

before dinner, huh?

Who sets the table in our house?

But they can’t see you. Sit up taller.

Who sets the table in our house?

You do.

That’s right.

So, Nolan and I, are going to try this phrase out

in a foreign language,

but you can DM us for the Phrase of the Day

calendar in the language of your choice.

Okay, Nolan, how about you grab that

random language generator,

and let’s find out what language

we are doing this in.

Go ahead and grab it.

And push it when you’re ready.

And what language do you want to do?

I’m going to guess.

You’re going to guess?

Okay go!

I’m going to say it in my mind, the language.

Okay, go.

Okay, you got French.

That’s what I said in my mind.

That’s what you said in your mind?

Oh, wow.


So if you already have

the $35 phrasebook-

Nolan, do you want to show them that?

It has over 1700 phrases

and we’re going to show you how to find

this phrase in the app that goes along with

the phrasebook. So you are going to go to,

“Set the table.” You’re going to go to “T”

and then you’re going to go over to, “Table.”

Which is the first one.

You don’t need to go anywhere.

Okay, so, “Set the table.”

Let’s learn how to say that in French.

Here we go, Nolan.

“Mets” “Mets” “la” “la” “table.” “table.”

“Mets la table.” “Mets la table.”

“Mets la table.”

So I would say that to you,

I would say to you, “Mets la table.”

And then what would you do?

Set the table.

That’s right, Nolan.

Okay let’s pretend, okay?

You pretend you’re playing video games,

so have your hands out playing video games.

Oh, good.

“Mets la table.”

And then what do you do?

“Mets la table.”




You do do that.

In French do you remember?

Yes and no in French?

“Oui,” and



So you’d say, “Non.”


And then I’d say, “Mets la table,”

and you would do it.



Oh, you’re being so disagreeable.

But really at our house, he does set the table.

So he’s being silly.

He’s a table setting pro.

Okay, something that’s really cool about the–

You are the table setting pro.

You don’t want to be the table setting

pro though, huh?

You just want to play video games?

Of course.

Hey, Nolan, something I want to point out–

come on over here–

is it’s really nice to have the native speaker audio,

because if I didn’t have the audio in French,

I would think this says, “Mets la table.”

I would say that or table or something, you know,

“Mets la table.”

I would say it like that because I can’t hear it.

But when we hear it,

we can see in French that they drop out

a lot of those last sounds in the words.

So the audio just really helps.

So I definitely recommend

listening to the app every day,

so you can get really, get an ear for French.

Okay, thanks for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day.



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