French Phrase of the Day! Put your shoes on.

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“Put your shoes on,” has to be one of the number one phrases all moms say all. the. time. You’d think it would get easier as the kids get older, but a friend of mine has a pre-teen daughter, who she says, takes SO long to pick out her shoes because they have to match her outfit * perfectly.* All I know is that before having kids, I did not consider the amount of time I’d spend telling my kids to just get their shoes on! 😆

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Today’s phrase is,

“Put on your shoes!” Yes!

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maybe multiple times a day.

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Okay, wonderful!

So, Darian and I are going to try out this phrase

in one language, we’d love for you to try it with us.

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while Darian and I try out the phrase.

All right Darian,

grab that random language generator

and let’s find out what language

we’re going to do, “Put on your shoes.”

Okay. Can you push it please?

Okay. So we’re going to go over to “S.”

What is it?

And then down to “Shoes.”

But what is the language?

Oh, French!

You got French.

Okay. Sorry.

Okay. So here we go.

And here we go,

Oh, “Put your shoes away,”

“Put your shoes on.”

Okay, “Put on your shoes.” Here we go.

“Mets” “Mets” “tes” “tes” “chaussures.” “chaussures.”

“Mets tes chaussures.” “Mets tes chaussures.”

Okay. So to teach your child this phrase,

when you go to put on your shoes,

you can say it to your child.

And if they’re like, “What?”

then say it and say that means, “Put on your shoes,” in French

and then say it again.

“Mets tes chaussures,”

as best you can.

As you hear it more you’ll get better.

And then you can say, you say it to me.

So you say it to me.

“Mets tes chaussures.”

Again, however, he says it I’m going to say okay,

I’m going to put on my shoes.

So he goes, “Oh, that worked” and then—

I have a shoe.

I can play it again. You do.

And I can say it to you

“Mets tes chaussures.”

And you can put on your shoe.

And we’re just starting French

so that was our best go. But then— “Mets tes chaussures.”

“Mets tes chaussures.”

as you start saying this

a bajillion times a day, you’ll get so good at it.

You’ll be like so good,

it’s like you first started saying that

when you were a little baby.

So we would love

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