French Phrase of the Day! Please sit down.

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In case you couldn’t tell, Nolan is FULL of energy. He even has a hard time sitting still while we record these Phrase of the Day videos! hahaha! But that’s the benefit of homeschooling. He can jump around the room as he rattles off his multiplication facts to me, but there are times that I ask him to, “Please sit down.” It’s pretty hard to write while jumping off the chairs. Thankfully, he’s pretty good at settling down when he really needs to. What about you? Do you have certain subjects that you do sitting down vs. standing?

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Hello! And welcome to today’s Phrase of the

Day. I’m here with Nolan.

Come here, buddy.

And our phrase today is, “Please sit down.”

We’re continuing on with our phrases for back-

-to-school, and “please sit down” is a really

good one. You need to sit down to do some

school stuff. So, we have a free Phrase of the

Day calendar that you can comment or DM us

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If you have – can you show them the book?

If you already have the $35 phrasebook, you

see my iPhone here. And we are gonna hear

the audio in the app for one language.

Nolan and I are gonna try the phrase out in

that one language. (With the button!)

He has the random language generator that my

kids push and he’s gonna choose the

language. Are you ready, Nolan?


Okay go for it.


Wow, you got French!

So if you already have the phrasebook, I’m

gonna show you how to get to it in the

iPhone. Okay? (Right there, Nolan.

Right up there where that camera is.

Do you see them?

Nope, they’re right up there, that one!)

There we go.

Okay, so let’s tell them how to get to it in the

app. Are you okay, bud?


Yeah, just a little bump.


I’m looking at it here.

You’re gonna go to “S” for,

let me say this very clearly, “sit”, okay?

So “S” for “sit” and so we just slide across

the top there, and then we’re going to go to “sit”.

Here we are and then we have, “Please sit

down.” So let’s hear the native speaker,

this was actually recorded in Paris.

It’s very beautiful.

Here we go.

“Assieds” “assieds” “toi” “toi” “s’il” “s’il” “te” “te”

“plaît” “plaît.”

“Assieds-toi, s’il te plaît.” “Assieds-toi, s’il te plaît.”

You said it really nice, Nolan! Can we hear it

one more time? I need to hear it one more time

so I can say it nicely.

And then what we’re going to do is we’re

gonna practice teaching it to Nolan. We can do

that as I hear it again actually, so Nolan I’m

gonna have you stand up because this is a

great way to teach it to your kids is just to try it

out. So you stand up on the chair.

They can see you.

We’re just looking at them here.

Okay, they can probably see you about there.

Okay, and then I’m gonna ask you to sit down.

And don’t fall into the trap that you have to have

it memorized before you can use it.

Just do it like this.

Nolan I’m going to tell you to sit down in French,

okay? “Assieds” “Assieds” “toi” “toi” “s’il” “s’il”

“te” “te” “plaît” “plaît.” “Assieds-toi, s’il te plaît.”

“Assieds-toi, s’il te plaît.” Okay!

Wait, wait for me to say it.

I know she told you, but let me say it,

okay? I’m gonna give it my best go so stand

back up, and then let me try to say it.

Okay, “assieds-toi, s’il te plaît.”

That was my best.

I don’t know French.

That was my best try.

Thank you, and we don’t live in France, huh?

But French is a good one.

So, to teach your kids this phrase you could just

keep using it until it feels like second nature to

you. And that will come on real soon because

this is a phrase that we use all the time.

All right, Nolan will see you next week for

Phrase the Day, but I’ll see you tomorrow here

with Darian. Bye!


Have a good day!


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