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Thanksgiving may be over, but let’s continue to focus on being thankful by using words of encouragement! This holiday season may look very different for many of us. We may not be able to change our circumstances, but we can help each other to stay positive. Use today’s phrase, “Looks great,” while you do Christmas crafts this week or take family pictures together!

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With this free printable

of Encouraging Phrases in a foreign language,

we are starting off our week

with our foreign language Phrase of the Day,

which is, “Looks good”

that’s our first Encouraging Phrase.

This is something you can say after someone takes a—

pic, pic—

How do you do that? Picture!

Like this, so you hold your fingers up,

and then you pretend to click it.

This way?

Yeah, and you have to do this with your eye.

So Darian and I are going to try this out in French.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook,

you can find this in the app under “C,” “Camera.”

“Camera,” all right, you ready to try this phrase, Darian?


Let’s do it, let’s hear our native speaker.

“C’est” “C’est” “super!” “super!”

“C’est super!” “C’est super!” “C’est super!”

I like how she says it.

So you can tell it’s the word “Super.”

Our translators say, like they want you

to sound like how they speak,

and so this is just a fun way to say

after you take a picture to say like, “It looks good,”

it looks super, I love it!

Is this a phrase we could use easily?

Yes! Oh yeah!

I hope you start using it with your family.

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