French Phrase of the Day! Look at the dog.

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Use today’s phrase, “Look at the dog,” to spark more conversation in your dream language! Grab the phrases book and companion app to find phrases to say that the dog is soft, cute, happy, tired… all the things! You’d be surprised how easy it is to get the foreign language learning going when you are having fun at the park while talking about a cute dog!

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Hello, and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day!

Today’s phrase is: you know, how, like, you see a cute dog, and you go, “Oh, look at the dog!”

Yes, that’s the phrase that we’re going to be doing.

And like the little babies?


Yeah, we say it to the baby too. If you want to follow along in

the language of your choice, you can DM us (and you can get the book) or comment

below for the free Phrase of the Day calendar.

But enough of that. Enough of that?


Well, let’s go and find this phrase.

You can find it in our $35 phrasebook, and we’re going to

do it with you in the language that Darian chooses with

the random language generator.

So let me head over to the books.
Now, last time it went crazy,

so I’m going to be nice and gentle. Okay, be, yeah,

hold it up high, so they can see your language generator.

Okay, you ready? And, go for it.

You chose French. Good. And we’re doing, “Look at the dog.”

So, to get to it,

Oh no, it was sleeping. Oh no, he’s just still mad at me. No, no.

Well, when Darian comes back he can

do this with us,

but right now the language generator is attacking him.

So, as a good mom, I’m just going to let him deal with his

own problems.

Okay, so we’re going to go over to, “look”

You got this honey. I believe in you.

And we’re going to do, “Look at the dog.”

As you fight, I still need you to do the phrase.

Here we go.

“Regarde” “Regarde”

“le” “le” “chien.” “chien.”

“Regarde le chien.”
“Regarde le chien.”

And that’s, “Look at the dog,” in French.
“Regarde le chien.”

That’s really nice. To teach this phrase to your child, you

just want to hear it.

Say it as best as you can.

Don’t worry. When you’re first starting, you can’t hear all the

sounds being said.
We don’t do French in our home.

We’re still learning, and, so you can say it in French.

If your child doesn’t know what you mean,

say it again in English, and then in French again. It’s optimal

to do this when you do see a dog, so you’re using it, the

phrase, in the moment as life is happening, but you can always

practice at home with stuffed animals, or pictures. Then when

you’re out, you can be using that phrase.

If you’re using the phrase, please tag us in our Instagram stories.

Oh, it’s really getting you…

And we’ll see you there.

And, hopefully, Darian, can deal with his own… you can get to the

hospital on your own, honey.

I believe in you!


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