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Today’s phrase, “Like this,” is in the scissors section of the phrase book because it’s grouped with phrases about using scissors. Of course, we say, “Like this,” all the time. Whether it’s cutting paper, coloring, writing a letter, or putting the dishes in the dishwasher correctly (ahem… use this with your husband too 😜), use this phrase to show your kids how to do things!

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Hey! This week we’re working on

homeschool phrases.

And today is about when you’re showing your

child how to do something and you say,

“like this,” to help out.

So, Nolan and I, are going to try this phrase out,

but you can get our free Phrase of the Day

calendar in the language of your choice,

and you can try it, a phrase out with,
Nolan and I,

in whatever language that we’re doing,

which I’m not sure what that is yet.

So if you have the $35 phrasebook…

Right, Nolan? Can you show them

the awesome book?

You can follow along in the app in the language of your choice.

So let’s try this out, Nolan.


I’ve got everything set up.

Okay, Nolan, grab that random language

generator and choose a language. Go for it.

Alright, you chose French.

So to get to this phrase- it’s in the
scissor section

because it’s showing how to use scissors

or walk with scissors. I can’t remember,

but we’ll see it when we go over there.

So I go to “S” and then I click on “Scissors”

to be able to see our scissor phrases.

So it’s saying, oh,

“How do you walk with sisters?”

Like, scissors… sisters.

How do you walk with sisters, Nolan?

Do you have, how many sisters do you have?

Oh, no sisters. Aww. Okay.

So this is how you say, “like this.”

“Comme” “Comme” “ça.” “ça.”

“Comme ça.” “Comme ça.”

So to teach your child this phrase

you would just show them how to do things.

You could be like, “Comme ça,”

and, like, show them how to push the button

softly, and not murder the button.

Nolan, what’s something you could show me

how to do when you tell me how to do it.

You can say, “like this,”

but you’re going to say in French?

“Comme ça.” What could you show me

how to do? “Comme ça.”

But what would you show me how to do?

Do you want to show me how to pat my head?

Do you want to show me how to rub…

Do you know how to pat your head and rub

your belly at the same time?

Now you can say… show everybody on camera.

You were cut off a little bit.

Okay. Watch Nolan do this. Okay. Go, Nolan.

Oh, wow.

Okay, let’s see. “Comme ça.”

Can you say that? “Comme ça.”

Let’s hear her say it again,

so we can say, “Like this.”

“Comme” “Comme” “ça.” “ça.”

“Comme ça.” “Comme ça.”

That was really nice. What is it?

Oh, that was… oh, yeah.

Look, Nolan, can reach his hand so high up.

I don’t think that’s normal.

But I think it’s awesome. High-five, Nolan.

Mr. Flexible.

All right.

Thanks for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day.

We will see you tomorrow.

I can’t do it with the next arm.

No? Just one arm?



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