French Phrase of the Day! Let’s play a game.

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This week, we’re practicing phrases that we use when playing games together! Although Hector isn’t super into board games, he does a great job about playing them anyway. Nolan will play Monopoly for hours if we let him! And it’s so hard to let him!! lol Sometimes Hector has to call the game because it’s taking so long! Use this phrase, “Let’s play a game,” the next time you want to play a game! And how about you: are you a board game family? Or are you not a fan like Hector?

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“Let’s play a game,” is today’s phrase because this week

we’re focusing on family game night phrases.

As Halloween is coming up we want you to be having fun

with your family and in maybe at home, maybe out?

I’m not sure, so Mr. Hair Man


In honor of Halloween coming up, is here with me

to do this phrase and you can get a free

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Right, Mr. Hair Man?


Okay, so Mr. Hair Man, we’re going to try this out in

one language, you get to choose the language

with our random language generator and you can push that

when you’re ready.

Okay, you have chosen French! If you already have

the $35 phrasebook with over $1,700… 1,700 phrases.


Yeah we put so much dollars in this book. It is worth

its weight in gold and it
has an app-companion app

with all the native speaker audio. I’m going to show you

how to find the phrase in the book. So what you want to do

is go to “G” in the book to head over to the theme of “Games”.

“G” for Gah! So we’re going to go to “Game”—

Great one,

great one, Mr. Hair Man. Okay!

So in French their, “Let’s play a game,”

can be said two different ways. So in French they can

say it like, “How about playing a game?” Like you’re

suggesting it, or it could be more guiding where you’re

like, “Okay, let’s play a game.” So we’re going to do

the, “How about…” one. Okay are you ready? Okay!

Like, like, like, “Oh what if we play a game?!”
Like that kind of way.

Yeah! Okay.

“Si” “Si”

“on” “on”

“faisait” “faisait”

Si on fraisait

“un” “un”… Si on fraisait un…

“jeu ?” “jeu ?”

“Si on fraisait un jeu ?” “Si on fraisait un jeu ?”

“Si on fraisait un jeu ?”

Well that was so nice. I want to do it one more time.


I felt like my first try I got parts of it,

and then I, and then I needed to do it again.

“Si” “Si” “on” “on”

“faisait” “faisait”

“un” “un” “jeu ?” “jeu ?”

“Si on fraisait un jeu ?”

“Si on fraisait un jeu ?”

Okay, it helps me with French to not look at the words.

When I look at the words, my brain is like back and forth,

like, “Not that letter, yes that letter.” So it helps me to—

I can barley see.

You can barely see so you’re like

Huh, Mr. Hair Man?


Mr. Hair Man, how much French do you speak?

I speak a little bit.

A little bit? Like this phrase?

Oh I love it! Okay so this is really fun,

huh, Mr. Hair Man?


Yes, when you learn a new phrase and you can use it

in you’re life, how does that feel?

It feels very satisfying

because I knew a different language!

It feels satisfying because you know a different language?

When you know a different language, are there- What can you

do with that?

Well, then I could travel to the place

and then I can speak to other people and then it will be

so much fun!

Oh yeah, its more fun when you can speak to the people?

Why is that?

Because then I could communicate and

then maybe I can make some friends and you can get your

food order right!

Yes! You can make friends and get your food ordered

correctly, I love that!

All right, thank you so much, Mr. Hair Man for joining us!

We would love to see a story on your Instagram,

of you trying out the phrase with your family.

All right see you there!



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