French Phrase of the Day! Let’s go swimming

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Has it been hot where you are? In Texas, we’re still sweating it out in the summer heat. This week we’re focusing on phrases you’d use swimming—whether that’s at the beach, by the river, or in your backyard! Use today’s phrase, “Let’s go swimming,” next time you’re headed outside for a fun afternoon in the water!

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Hello, I’m Darian and this is my mom, and we’re doing Phrase of the Day.

Yeah. So we’re going to be working on foreign language phrases

this week, and we are starting off with our theme.

Our theme is all about what Darian did this morning. Darian, what did you

do at 4:45 a.m. this morning?

I went swimming!

Yeah. So we’re going to be doing swimming phrases, but we’re

also going to be doing, like, going down to the swimming hole

kind of phrases, or the pool also, as well.
Like, for fun not

just, like, swimming laps.

Which you swam so many laps, huh bud?

Good job.

So, what we’re going to do, is you can DM us to get all the

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And then if you have the $35 phrasebook, we’re going to show

you how to find the phrase in the app.

$35 phrasebook.

And then Darian and I are going to try out a
phrase together.

So, Darian, grab that random language generator, and let’s find

out what language we’re going to be saying a phrase in.

All right bud, you chose French.
So we’re going to try it

out in French.

So, here I have, you can see the app on my phone right here.

To get to this phrase in the app,

you’re going to go down to “S” for “sport.”
For “sport,” or “soup,” or “super,” and…

Darian, how much French do you speak?
I don’t know. A little?

Like a tiny bit? Right?

So this is new to us.

So we’re just going to have fun doing this.

This much.

I want you to note that in French

they don’t say, like, “let’s go swimming.”

They want to say it more as like a question. Like, “let’s go swimming?”

Like, “let’s go swimming together” – like, it’s more like a suggestion.

We say the suggestion as a statement.

And, so just in French, it sounds a little nicer to say

it more as a question.

Okay? So that’s why you see it’s

a little bit different.

Our closest similarity was like, “How about going swimming?”

Which we don’t really say that in English, but that’s like the

most similar thing in English to it.


“Si” “Si” “on allait” “on allait”
“nager?” “nager?”

“Si on allait nager?”
“Si on allait nager?”

You want to do it again?

Yeah, you got that the last time.
That was really good.

Let’s try it one more time.

I’m going to hit “play” in the app.

“Si” “Si” “on allait” “on allait” “nager?” “nager?”

“Si on allait nager?”
“Si on allait nager?”

So, to teach your child this phrase before

you go swimming, or get ready to go swimming,

you can say, “Si on allait nager?”
And then they can – “Si on allait nager?”

Oh wow! Darian!

Yes! And as you use it more and more it will become like

second nature to you. And you’ll be able to be using more

French, or whatever language you’re doing in your home.

All right.

We’ll see you tomorrow for tomorrow’s
Phrase of the Day.




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