French Phrase of the Day! It’s time to go.

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This week, we are practicing phrases that we say when time’s up! Whether that’s leaving your house, heading home from a nature walk, or finishing up chores, use today’s phrase, “It’s time to go,” the next time you need to transition activities! What activities do you have scheduled for today?

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Hello and welcome to today’s Phrase of the Day!

This week we’re doing Time’s Up phrases

and Nolan, “Time’s Up!”

Get in this video!

Let’s go!

So today’s phrase is,

“It’s time to go.”

Nolan, do you like when I say, “It’s time to go”

or not like when I say, “It’s time to go?”

I can’t hear you. Tell our friends!

Don’t like!

Why not?



..I just wanna play my games.

‘Cause you just wanna play games?

And I say, “It’s time to go?”

Imagination games?

Yeah, okay.

Nolan, we’re gonna try this phrase out together

and if you guys want our Time’s Up phrases for the week

DM or comment below!

Okay, so Nolan and I are gonna try out this phrase

maybe together in one language

Nolan, can you show them the book?

If you already have this book, then you can find

the audio for your book in the app

and I’ll show you how to find that.

Nolan, grab that random language generator

let’s find out what language we’re doing.

You tell us.

You chose, Nolan, French!

Okay. So to find it in the book,

you’re gonna wanna go over to “T”

and then head over to “Time.”

All right. So here we go.

And Nolan, can I just thank you

for being in the video?

I really appreciate it. Okay.

You’re so nice to help people to use their foreign language.

Okay. “It’s time to go.”

Are you ready?

Here we go.



Here let me hold this.







“C’est l’heure d’y aller.”

“C’est l’heure d’y aller.”

Oh I really like that one in French.

Very short.

Now, we don’t have a lot of French experience

but if you do at home,

you’ll be saying that phrase really nice

if you’re just starting out like us,

that’s totally fine.

You’ll get better and better at speaking French

as you use it.

So to teach this to your kids,

whenever “It’s time to go,”

you can say it in French and then say it in English

and then say it in French

again so they can learn it.

Oh Nolan, that’s such a nice song.

Can you sing it a little louder for us?

Oh. I’m sorry! You can’t sing it Nolan.

Because, I can’t remember it.

“C’est l’heure d’y aller.”

Let’s hear it again.




“l’heure” “C’est l’heure”

“d’y” “d’y”

“C’est l’heure d’y”



“C’est l’heure d’y aller.”

“C’est l’heure d’y aller.”

Say “Au revoir.”




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