French Phrase of the Day! It’s time for your nap.

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Oh my gosh. Darian was the worst napper! He was born with so much energy! When he was in preschool, the teacher said that the kids napped every day. I let them know that Darian probably wouldn’t nap, but they were convinced they could get him to nap. Two days later, they let me know Darian couldn’t stay for nap time. Ha! He simply wasn’t tired and would wake up the other kids. Oh well! Having a lot of energy is a great thing, and I can’t wait to see how that plays out for him as an adult! For now, if you have a kiddo who can actually nap, use the phrase, “It’s time for your nap,” the next time you lay them down!

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Darian, are you ready for this week’s theme?



It is your favorite thing in the whole world.

My favorite thing in the whole world.

Nap time.


I don’t like nap time.

As a baby,

Darian, was the child

who would not nap.

One time we signed him up

for like a little play thing

that was twice a week,

and they had nap time during it.

And the lady there, she said,

“Oh I’ve gotten kids for years to nap.

Don’t worry about a thing.”

And then after three times

she was sending him back

and she said,

“This child will not nap.”

You would only nap on the go.

Like if we were going

in the car or something. Oh yeah.

You would fall asleep

and it was really cool.

He’d stay asleep.

So I just bring him into the house

and lie him down.

But I’m somebody who loves nap time.

Yes? Yes. Yes.

I love nap time.

Are you supposed to wake me up

when I’m taking a nap?

No. See? Very well trained.

Okay. So today’s phrase is– I remember,

Mom– Yeah?

I remember the little place that, the little

daycare thing that I went to.

You remember?

And what would you do during nap time?


Tell a friend.

Every day one kid gets up with me,

and we just jump around,

jump over sleeping kids.

We try to get out,

but the door is so tall.

Oh my gosh.

So naughty.

That’s why they were done with you.

Okay. So you can get this week’s

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So we are going to try out this phrase

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So Darian, why don’t you choose

what language we’re doing.

Okay, you chose French.

All right, so to get to this phrase

you want to go down to “N”

Are we practicing French today?

We did practice French today,

and you did such a nice job.


And the phrase is, “It’s time for your nap.”

Here we go.

“C’est” “C’est” “l’heure” “l’heure”

“de” “de” “ta” “ta” “sieste.” “sieste.”

“C’est l’heure de ta sieste.”

“C’est l’heure de ta sieste.”

“C’est l’heure de ta sieste.”

There was like, a little… Oh yeah.

That was closer I think.

Okay I was looking at how the French

was written and I was like, do not, like, it was

throwing me off so bad.

I just have to listen to it because

it’s not said the same way it’s written

because they don’t say the endings.

So let’s try that one more time.

You ready?

“C’est” “C’est” “l’heure” “l’heure”

“de” “de” “ta” “ta” “sieste.” “sieste.”

“C’est l’heure de ta sieste.”

Okay, that was closer.

That was closer.

So we would keep learning that phrase.

And to learn it,

Darian would come and say it to me

and I would take a nap

while he quietly watched a movie.

Or play video games.

Or play video games.

And then if you woke me up

that movie or video games would go…

In the garbage.

In the garbage?

Okay. I was going to say off but…

Well that’s funny.

You grab the T.V,

the Xbox–

Don’t wake me up from my nap.

That sounds pretty accurate.


Thank you so much.

We’ll see you tomorrow.

And don’t forget to DM us

for that free Phrase of the Day calendar.



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