French Phrase of the Day! It’s raining.

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It’s really, officially not summer anymore. Maybe that happened a month ago for you where you live, but for sure here in Texas, things have finally cooled down! If it’s raining, my boys will be the first ones to run outside with rain boots and coats. They’ve even asked to do school work outside with their books in the rain! That’s definitely not happening, 😅 but at least we can practice saying, “It’s raining” in a foreign language. Do your kids like playing in the rain?

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Oh! Is the weather getting cold where you guys are at?

Because it’s getting cold over here. Right, Darian?


So this week, our Phrase of the Days

are all going to be focused on cold weather.

And today’s phrase is, “It’s raining.”


And it’s…

It’s actually very cloudy outside today.

Yeah, definitely.

Okay, so this will be a very fun phrase to use

because the weather is getting cold.

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All right, Darian. Darian and I are going to try

out this phrase in one language, “It’s raining,”

and Darian if you can grab our random language generator

we’re going to choose which phrase that’s going to be

in one of our language books here. Do you got it?


Okay. That was so far away.

Okay. And go for it.

All right, you got French.

So if you already have the $35 phrasebook,

with over 1,700 phrases to help you start talking right away,

you know we love it! To find it in the app,

you will go to “U” and then you’ll head over to, “Umbrella.”

Because when do you need an umbrella?

When do you an umbrella? Oh yeah when you’re raining.

Sorry, I’m not awake.

When I’m raining?

When it’s raining.

When it’s raining.

I’m definitly not awake. Okay.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to play

the native speaker audio in the app for us,

and I want to turn up the volume on it. So here we go.

Let’s see if it’s…

Whoa. Oh.


Do you hear the double volume? That is cool.

Can you, can you do that again?

Okay. I going to, I switched it over.

So now we’re going to go to, “It’s raining.”

Which is short in French.

So let’s try it out. You ready?

“Il” “Il” “pleut.” “pleut.”

“Il pleut.” “Il pleut.”

It’s raining.

Il pleut.

“Ouvre” “Ouvre” That’s, “Open your umbrella.”

Do you want to just try it?

Do you want to hear it?


We already played it. Why not?

Let’s turn off autoplay, but we’ll hear this one.

“Ouvre” “Ouvre” “ton” “ton” “parapluie.” “parapluie.”

“Ouvre ton parapluie.” “Ouvre ton parapluie.”

That was a good first try on that phrase.

That was pretty tricky.

Okay let’s do, “It’s raining,” one more time.

Here we go.

“Il” “Il” “pleut.” “pleut.”

I like that. “Il pleut.”

“Il pleut.” “Il pleut.”

Okay Darian, pretend to look out the window.

And say, tell me that it’s raining in French.

Il pleut.

Oh, it is.

Il pleut.

Oui. Very fun.

So to add this phrase to your life,

you just want to use it whenever it’s raining,

and it will just become a normal part of your life,

which this one’s very fun in French.

All right. Well, we will see you guys tomorrow.

And I can’t wait to see your stories

of you trying out this phrase…

I poked your eyeball.

I’m all right.

Trying out this phrase and using it.


Bye. See you guys.


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