French Phrase of the Day! I think I am getting sick

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Do you want to see me totally struggle with a new phrase in a foreign language I don’t know?! Then watch today’s Phrase of the Day video. Hahaha! French is a super different language for me. Our family speaks in German and Spanish to each other every single day. Definitely not French! But I would like too!

You may think that owning a language company means I am some linguist genius, but that is not that case! I am just a normal mom like you, who wanted to make learning a second language fun and actually happen for my kids! We all start out in the kind of overwhelmed phase of “How am I ever going to sound like a native?!” Just take it one day at a time, one phrases at a time, one word at a time! And you’ll totally see a difference overtime—especially if you’re having fun and not stressing!


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“I think I’m getting sick,”
is today’s Phrase of the Day!

This week, we have, our phrases are focused on getting sick.

So you can use those when you aren’t feeling, you’re feeling under the weather.

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We are going to do this in one language.
Darian, grab that

random language generator.
And let’s try this out. So…

Did you already push it?

All right, you got French.

We’re going to try out this phrase in French.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook,
you can follow along

in the app.

I’m going to show you how to get there.

You’re going to cough on me!

So, “I think I’m getting sick.”

So to get to this phrase
you’re going to go to “S”

And then you’re going to go head over to, “Sick,” where we have

lots of phrases for feeling under the weather, and also all

the way to getting better.
Why is it under the weather?

Have you never heard that? Scoot close.
Under the weather? No, you’re contaminated.

But I can’t see you.

Okay, do you want me to just scoot away?
Okay, there you go. Okay.

So, “I think I’m getting sick.”
So, let’s do that one.

There’s lots in here.

Here we go.

This is in French.

Which I think, okay, it looks longer, but let’s try

this. Here we go!

“Je” “Je” “crois” “crois”
“Je crois”

“que” “que”
“Je crois que”

“je” “je” Gesundheit!
“suis” “suis”

“en” “en” “train” “train” “de” “de”

“tomber” “tomber”
“malade” “malade”

Okay, Darian and I are really good at doing the individual

words, or we’re okay.

Like, we’re just starting French.

We would need more

time with these individual words and probably segment them together

before doing the full phrase because
we don’t have as much

exposure to French as most of our TalkBox.Mom families

learning French.

So when you’re just starting it’s
okay not to do the full

phrase. You ready? Okay. It’s going to be a lot.

Maybe just do as much as you as you can.

We’ll see how many words you can get in there.

“Je crois que je suis
en train de tomber malade.”

That one’s tricky in French!
Okay, we’re going to continue

tomorrow with our foreign language
Phrase of the Day.

In other languages, this phrase is much shorter!

So give it a try! Tag us in your Instagram
stories @talkboxmom

Maybe you’ve been doing French
for a couple of years

with us, and you just slay at that phrase.

So let us know. We’ll see you in the stories. Bye!

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