French Phrase of the Day! I need to nurse the baby.

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The best way to learn something is to say it over and over again. Plain and simple: it’s memorization that naturally happens over time. Think of a phrase that you say all the time when you have a baby. There are plenty of them, but no doubt, one that tops the list is, “I need to nurse the baby,” or “I need to give the baby a bottle.” Even your older kids will pick up on this phrase so fast with you saying it 5 times a day! What are some other things you say to your kids on a daily basis?


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Hey, it’s Adelaide from TalkBox.Mom,
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Now, this week, our theme for our Phrase of the Day are baby phrases!

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Today’s phrase,

we actually have two phrases because we believe that fed

is best,

and so, the phrases that we’re doing is, one is for nursing

and the other is for bottles.

And today, we’re going to be doing the phrase in French.

So, to get to this phrase,

I am going to go to the first one, it’s under,

we’ll just go to both of them under “B.” Okay.

So, we’re going to go to “B.” You can get to the other one under,

“N” for nurse on the PDF, but there’s actually another way you

can get to it,

so I’m just going to do it the easy way.

So, I’m going to go to the word, “Breastfeed” or, “Nurse” right?

“Nurse the baby.”

So, I’m going to do that one first, and it says, “I need to nurse the baby.”

So, let’s try that one out together.

Now, when you use this with your baby, you’re teaching your

baby French or whatever
language the same way

you’re teaching them English. You’re just using the phrase as

you do the thing, and they start to make the associations.

So, same, same thing. Already a good language teacher as a mom,

right? So here we go!

“Je” “Je” “dois” “dois” “allaiter” “allaiter”
“le” “le” “bébé” “bébé”

“Je dois allaiter le bébé.”

I’m going to do that again.

Sorry, I was looking down.

I was like super focused on the French!

So, in my home, we use Spanish and German, and so, this is new

for me, and I’m going to try it again.

Now, if the full phrase is too much for you, you can just do it

word by word.

So, let’s hear this again for,
“I need to nurse the baby.”

I’ll give it my best go.

“Je” “Je” “dois” “dois” “allaiter” “allaiter”
“le” “le” “bébé” “bébé”

“Je dois allaiter le bébé.”
“Je dois allaiter le bébé.”

Okay, so that’s, “I need to nurse the baby.”

And then, the next phase that
we’re doing is for the bottle,

and, so to get to that,
I just went into the book, and I’m going

to “B,” and if you already have the $35 phrasebook in whatever

language, you can follow along the same way, and look at the

phrases. So, okay.

So here I am in, “Bottle,” and then it’s,
“I need to give the baby a bottle.”

Here I go!!

Oh, I know that! I recognize the, “Je,” right?
Is that how it is?

“Je” “Je” from the other one!
“Je” “Je” “dois” “dois” “donner” “donner” “le” “le”

“biberon” “biberon” “au” “au” “bébé” “bébé”
“Je dois donner le biberon au bébé.”

Ok, let me try that. I’m going to do it slower though because I’m starting.

“Je dois donner le biberon au bébé.”

“I need to give the baby a bottle.”

That was awesome!

Okay, so if you’re using this phrase,
we would love to see

you in your Instagram stories,
tag us @talkboxmom

so that we can celebrate with you.

All right. See you in Instagram! Bye!

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