French Phrase of the Day! I need a Band-Aid®

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No trip to the playground is complete without someone needing a Band-Aid, am I right?! Kids and the elderly love those Band-Aids.

Note that in some languages there is a distinction between a child saying it and an adult. I opted to use the phrase that kids would say. This phrase is also a fun one to say for those kids who love playing doctor at home on their stuffed animals! What character do your kids want on their Band-Aid? I bought the Costco pack of Band-Aids, and it’s been pretty boring. Now that we’re running out, I’m thinking about adding a little more fun to our Band-Aids.


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Darian, today’s foreign language phrase
is a phrase for-

Nolan. I almost called Darian-
For Nolan, your brother. Darian, Nolan,

I don’t know my kids names! Who else
is like that?

Oh my gosh.

So, this is something that Nolan says,
whether we’re at

the playground-
Which are the phrases we’re working on.

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And this is a phrase that Nolan says. What do you think it is?

Do you want me to tell you?
Wait wait. “Can you push me on the swing?”

Nope, he says this one even more.

Are you ready?

“I need a Band-Aid®!”

Have we ever-
Like, we’d try to leave the house, and he’s like,

“I need a Band-Aid®!” Or at the park and he’s like, “I need a Band-Aid®!”

and he makes us all go home. Or I have-
But I have some in

the baby bag, but then he like, goes,”I need a Band-Aid®!” and uses them all, right?

So because this is a phrase that-
Just if he gets like, a little cut.

A little cut, he needs that Band-Aid®.

So if this is a phrase your child says
all the time, this

is a great one to start using. So we are
going to do this

phrase in one language, but if you have the
$35 phrasebook,

where can they follow along, Darian?

Where at?

Where can they follow along?

In the book or…?
In the app.

Let me get it out of his little cage.

Okay, Darian’s getting the random language generator to choose which language

we’re going to do this in.
Remember, he’s still mad at me,

and he fell asleep because I gave him

some snacks.
Did you hit it?


Okay, push it hard this time.

Wait, you said-
Oh no!

All right.

Today we’re doing the phrase in French.

So if you have the book, I’m going to show
you how to get

to it regardless of what language you have.

You’re going to go to “B” and then you’re going to head over to

“Band-Aid®.” And the phrase again is,
“I need a Band-Aid®!”

In French, they say it a little different, a child than an adult says

it, because kids-


“Je” “Je”



“pansement !”
“pansement !”

“Je veux un pansement !”
“Je veux un pansement !”

That one’s tricky for me.

I think you’re saying it, like I hear you saying it and it sounds the

same, but I’m having trouble.

Let’s do it one more time for me.


No, you do it with me.



“pansement !”
“pansement !”

“Je veux un pansement !”
“Je veux un pansement !”

Yeah, we did it!
I need your encouragement today, Darian.

I’m being like, really hard on myself, and sometimes we get like that.

So we need to be a little more like Darian.


Now remember, when you’re starting a foreign language, you

want to celebrate what you do, just
like a baby’s first

words. When a baby says their first words, you’re not like

“That’s not good enough.”

“You’re not saying it right.”

What do you do when a baby says
their first words?

Wow! Yeah, baby! You did your first word!

And then I’m like this,

I’m like, “Let’s make a video, let’s make a video. Put it on the internet.

Send it to grandpa, send it to grandma,” right? But sometimes when we’re

learning a foreign language, we can be
so hard on ourselves

and be like, “I’m not saying it right.”

This is the first time I’ve ever said this
phrase, like why

do I got to be like that?

Why can’t I be like Darian, who’s
celebrating and is super

excited about it?

So let’s do it.

Let’s high five.

We said that phrase. To teach your child this phrase, whenever

they ask for it, have them say it in the foreign language and

then give it to them.
You can tag us @talkboxmom

In the stories if you’re using it.

All right, see you there!


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