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Today’s phrase, “I liked the book,” goes along with yesterday’s question! We read together right before bed most nights of the week. The boys always try to talk about the books or ask to read just one more book to stall actually having to go to sleep. But really, if my kids wanting to read more is a problem, then I’d say it’s a good problem to have! 😀

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Welcome to today’s Phrase of the Day.

Today’s phrase is, “I like that book.”

I like that book.

You say that a lot.

So that’s a good one for you.

I like the book, sorry, I like the book.

Okay, here we go.

We are going to…

Oh yeah, show.

We’re going to try out a phrase

from the phrasebook, the, “I like the book,” phrase.

And if you have the book,

I’ll show you how to find it in the app.

If not, DM us for this week’s

Phrase of the Day calendar.

What do you say, Nolan? Tell them.

What are you going to do with that button?

Tell them.

I press it and then it chooses any of these.

Say it loud.

I choose a button, and then I choose any of those.

Okay. Any of those.

Yeah, that’s right.

Okay. Here we go.

You push it, Nolan.

Whoa, headshot.



Here we go.

So to get to it in the book,

you’re going to go over to “R”

And then you’re going to go over to, “Read.”



And then we’re going to do the phrase,

“I like the book,” which, Nolan, says a lot.

So let’s do that.

I’m thinking I went to the wrong spot.

I did.

Okay. Backtrack.

Sorry. Backtrack.

Backtrack. Go to “B”

I looked at the wrong thing. And go to, “Book.”

I went to the wrong place.

There was some really good phrases

in there though that you saw,

but I did go to the wrong place.

So there’s also a search function in the app,

which if I wasn’t showing you where it was

you can just search for phrases, too…

to be able to find them. So, silly me.

I went to the wrong place.

That’s so silly.


I like the book.

Here we go.

“J’ai” “J’ai” “bien” “bien”

“aimé” “aimé” “le” “le” “livre.” “livre.”

“J’ai bien aimé le livre.”

“J’ai bien aimé le livre.”

I love that, Nolan.

That was a great first try.

High five.

Now, Nolan, I bet you recognize the, “J’ai”

from, “I’m hungry,” in French, right?

Or like the, “J’ai,” stuff.

So that’s helping.

So we did a tiny bit of French together.

So to start using this phrase with your kids,

after you finish reading a book,

you can use this phrase in the language.

When you’re just starting like Nolan,

the one word at a time is really easy.

So if you’re just starting

and you want to use the phrase,

play it in the app, do the one word at a time,

and the more you do the one word at a time,

the better you’ll do the full phrase.

Huge high five from Nolan.

That was awesome.

Bien joué, Nolan.

All right, thanks for joining us. Bye! Bye.


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