French Phrase of the Day! I forgot why I came in this room.

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Can we talk about mom life for a minute? Our kids think we are forgetful, but the truth is, we have to remember SO much information that we forget the simplest things!! “I forgot why I came into this room” has been said at some point in my week! It happens to the best of us, right?! I usually start on a new task until I finally remember why I actually came into the room. How long does it usually take you to remember why you came into the room? Or is it one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in your life?


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Today’s phrase is one of my favorite phrases.

What is it?

“I forgot why I came in this room.”

I thought you actually meant that, but then I look back like, “oh, yeah!”

Have you ever said that?
Like you go into a room…

Yeah, yeah, I heard on this, umm, funny documentary that sometimes your brain

can, can, like, just like,
like when you go want to go to

the bathroom; you go to like the living room.
It happened to me.

I wanted to go to my bedroom to pick up a toy, but somehow

I got to the living room.

Yeah, and then you’re like,
“I forgot why I came in this in room!”

Then you are like, “I need to go to the bathroom” -I picked up Nolan’s

blanket and he’s like
“Why did you take that?” and I’m like,

I don’t know.

I just put it back and ran to my room.

I just, I just…
That’s so weird!

I have fell asleep in half of it because…
All right!

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Okay, here we go with the French.
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High five! He knows his
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Okay. So, umm, “I forgot why I came in this room.”

Where you at?

Oh, right here.

Oh, I have this hearted. This is a good one.

Okay, here we go.

This is a longer phrase in French and sometimes you don’t

want start with longer phrases.

That’s okay.


You to want to start with the easy one.

So you get the basics and it’s like-
-You can feel confident

-levels like: first easy, get bigger, you laugh a lot, and you

get more confident, and stronger, and awesome.

“Je” “Je” “ne” “ne” “sais” “sais” “plus” “plus” “pourquoi” “pourquoi”

“je” “je” “suis” “suis” “venue” “venue” “dans” “dans” “cette” “cette” “pièce” “pièce”

“Je ne sais plus pourquoi je suis venue dans cette pièce.”

Ok, I’m gonna go for it! The words

I want you to notice Darian, is “pourquoi” because it’s like “por qué”.

Yeah! I was, I was like-
Did you hear the Spanish in that, the Latin?

The, “pourquoi” it almost made me want to laugh because it sounded

so funny.

Yeah, and it’s like “por qué” right? Like “pourquoi”

because they’re Roman based languages.

The other word I wanted you to notice-

I’m going to point out some words in there that you’ll notice.

“Je” “Je” That’s “I”, right? Yeah.

And this is like a negative.
“ne” “ne” “sais” “sais’ “plus” plus”

Here’s the, “por qué” listen.
“pourquoi” “pourquoi” “pourquoi”

“Je” “Je” There’s that , “I” again. I like the “pourquoi” becacuse it sounds like you’re

confused, like, why. Yeah, “pourquoi”?
That’s a good point.

Yeah, and then the, “Je” or the “why” or the “because”. I kept saying

because, but it’s also “why”.
“por qué” “por qué” “por qué”.

Ok. “Je suis” Ok, now listen to this word.
“suis” After this one. This one.

This one here, “venue” “venue”
It’s like, “ven aquí.”

“venue” “venir” When you
know how to say “ven”.

Like, “ven aquí.”

So I forgot why I “came”… “ven”

So that’s Spanish.

So this is them saying it in French.
“venue” Let’s hear it.

“venue” “venue” Do you hear that better? Yeah!

“dans” “dans” “cette” “cette” “pièce” “pièce”.
Ok, let’s try it.

“Je ne sais plus pourquoi je
suis venue dans cette pièce.”

I am going to do the first half, okay?

“Je ne sais plus pourquoi je
suis venue dans cette pièce.”

I don’t do French, but that was my best try!

Yeah, that really sounded like French!
Oh, merci!

Merci Darian! And then let’s have you just do,
– I fell into the

-have you do the first half.
-I fell into the not fake phone, giant screen

Hold on, let me go to the first half.

“pièce” Ok, right here, are you ready?

“Je ne sais plus pourquoi” “Je ne sais plus”
“Je ne sais plus”

So that can help you break it up.
“Je ne sais plus”

-Like Pluto! That used to be a planet.
“Je ne sais plus pourquoi”

“pourquoi”. So let’s try that.
“Je ne sais plus pourquoi”

“Je ne sais” foo “pourquoi”

Okay pretend like you walked in the room, and

you’re like, “Wait what?” “Je ne sais plus pourquoi?” “Je ne sais plus pourquoi…”

“Je ne sais plus pourquoi…?”
Oh that was a really good start!

Okay, let’s see if you get the end of it now.

You ready? “Je ne sais plus pourquoi…”
Oh I didn’t hit it.

It’s like,I’m like…”Je ne sais plus pourquoi je suis venue dans cette pièce.”

“Je suis venue…”
That was really fast. -I know

“Je ne sais plus pourquoi je suis venue dans cette pièce.”

I wonder why we say it,
“Why did I walk in this room?”

and for them it sounds like “Why did we walk in this room… something, something,

something?” “I forgot.” So they’re saying
“I forgot” “Je ne sais plus pourquoi…”

“I don’t know” “I don’t know” like, “why it is”.

“je suis” I walked

“Je suis venue dans” into this “cette pièce.”

Makes sense. It was a lot!

“Je ne sais plus pourquoi
je suis venue dans cette pièce.”

So that’s why it’s at the very bottom because it’s very, very hard to master.

But it’s fun!

Do you wanna keep trying that one later? Yes!

You like that?

Because you be like, “Number two video” because it gets super long!

So… Should we revisit this,
and show our skills later?

Yes! As we get good at it.
We will be like practice montage.

We will be like that.
And you’ll be like, “je ne suis…”

Wait, what is it?

“Je ne sais, Je ne sais plus pourquoi je suis venue dans cette pièce.”

But better. And it’s like me. Oh! And I am like, “Je ne sais plus, plus, plus, plus pourquoi

And you’re like, “10 damage,” and you’re like “100 damage,” and I am like …”

No, I’ll be high-fiving you; all your tries.

All right.

We would love to see using the phrases

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