French Phrase of the Day! I don’t know.

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One of the misconceptions about homeschooling is the feeling that parents need to know it all. The truth is, homeschool parents are far from great oracles of knowledge. I say, “I don’t know,” all the time to my kids! Mostly because they are way smarter than I am and ask such good questions!! I bet your kids are like that!

A part of homeschooling is teaching kids how to educate themselves. We start with, “I don’t know,” and then learn together though reading books, googling, asking for help, watching videos, and discussions. Whether you’re saying, “I don’t know,” to your kid, or they are saying it to you, use this phrase as a way to ignite a conversation!

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Oh my goodness.

Today’s Phrase of the Day
is something I hear my kids say a lot.

Our theme for the week is short phrases.

And this one is, “I don’t know.”

“I don’t know.”

I hear them say that all the time.

I’m Adelaide with TalkBox.Mom,

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language the same day you start.

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Today we’re going to do this phrase.

“I don’t know” in one foreign language.
Darian’s going to use

the random language generator to…

The door must have been open.

I left the door open.

…to um, to get it.

So here we go, Darian!

That’s why those 6 houses are blown up, okay.

If you can choose a… Oh no, it’s awake.
Oh my gosh, push it!

What did you hit with your head?

You got French!

Okay. If you’re doing a
different language with your family,

you can follow along in the $35 phrasebook.

I’ll show you how to get there.

And if you want to follow us
along in French, please do. We’re

going to try out this phrase in French together.

Okay, let me try to find it. What is it?

We’re going to go to ‘D’
‘D’ everybody!

The Phrase is, “I don’t know.”
For “Dog” or “Dude.”

And then we’re going to go to a
whole section dedicated to “Don’t Know.”


So, here we go.

“I don’t know.”

I’m looking for…
Right? I’m doing the right one.

Yeah, okay.

Here we go.

Wait, I’m almost to “D”
What? You want me to wait?


Keep going.

I found it.


You ready?





“Je ne sais pas.”
“Je ne sais pas.”

“Je ne sais pas.”
“Je ne sais pas.”

Let’s do it again, that’s fun!
I’m going to ask you a question with it.





“Je ne sais pas.”
“Je ne sais pas.”

Okay, now ask me, and I’m
going to be like, doing something.

Darian, umm, do, do you know why
there’s a bunch of toys on top of our roof?

“Je ne sais pas.”

Yeah, “Je ne sais pas.”

You want to hear it again again?

Actually, we did see a house…


…with, like, toys all over the roof.


Yeah, do, do you not remember?

It was last year ago.

Oh my gosh.
Yeah, it was like

car, truck, tow-truck, ball, Frisbee.


Dairan, why…here, I’ll play the phrase so you can hear.

Darian, why are there stuffed
animals in the sink?





“Je ne sais pas.”
“Je ne sais pas.”

Okay, why are there a bunch
of stuffed animals in the sink?

“Je ne sais pas.”

Why is the bathtub orange?

“Je ne sais pas.”

This is a fun thing

you can do with your kids
to practice this phrase,

“I don’t know,” by asking them, like, crazy stuff.

Like, like, Mom?

Who flushed the toilet backwards?
“Je ne sais pas.”

I just imagine a picture:

the toilet, it’s overflowing.

That’s flushing it backwards.

I don’t want that.

I don’t want anything to do with that.

You have to clean it up.

I don’t want to clean it up

Oh, and there is poop coming
out of the toilet.

I’m not signing up for that.

All right, if you’re using this
phrase or you’re using this…

Look at this little gummy worm

If you using this phrase or doing… ah

Please tag us in Instagram stories @talkboxmom so we can see you

doing this activity or using this phrase.

All right.

We’ll see you later.


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