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Do you ever hang out in your bathroom for a few extra minutes just to be alone? Or until your legs go numb? Being a mom of younger kids is exhausting. I don’t need to tell you that! When the kids are getting on each other’s last nerves, it is always a good idea to give them space, just like we need space. Use the phrase, “Go in the other room,” for those times when the kids need some time apart. And during this lockdown, boy did my kids need time apart in separate rooms.

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Hello! “Go to the other room” is today’s

Phrase of the Day! This week for our foreign language Phrase of the Day,

we are working on phrases for kids that fight.

I might have one or two of those.
And so we’re going to learn

in a foreign language how to say how to say, “Go to the other room.”

Okay, Darian?


We’re going to do the phrase now. Get the random but- language generator-

The random butt?
The random button!

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Today, I’m gonna push the button. You got that?

Okay, so and-
You pushed it before I could!

Trying to rig it.

Okay, so today’s phrase, we’re going
to do it in French.

But if you have the $35 phrasebook it comes with the app

and you can follow along in the language that you have your book in.

So to get there and to do French with us, to do this,

you’re going to go over to-
Oh, “Go in the other room”

is in vacuum? Why is it in vacuum?

I guess that makes sense because maybe they’re scared.

I don’t know why they pulled it from this one.

I’m sure we have it in another place in
the book but that’s kind of fun.

So, “Pick everything up off the floor,”
“Please plug in the vacuum,”

He’s scared-

Oh, he’s scared of the vacuum, and then they’re saying go in the other room.

That’s our baby right there, he is terrified-
So what’s-

Yeah, what’s really cool about language is that you learn language-

Here, scoot closer so we can see
your beautiful face.

Oh no, you just need to see half of my beautiful-

No it’s so beautiful!

You use language in certain situations

but then they’re applicable to other situations.

Oh no, you put me in the vortex!

My whole body can’t go in the vortex!
Okay, what are we doing this in? French?

Okay, here we go.

“Go in the other room.”

No, not the chair!





“Va dans l’autre pièce.”
“Va dans l’autre pièce.”

Let’s try that again, I need to hear it again.
Let’s try it again.

If we can only do word by-

Here, sit really close. I really want you to be with me.

Okay, well, I didn’t mean that close. Now I’m going to tell you “Go in the other room.”

There you go, perfect.





“Va dans l’autre pièce.”
“Va dans l’autre pièce.”

It sounds like “peas”.

I think that was pretty good for our first try at

that phrase in French.

Do you think so too? When you’re just starting

it can be a little tricky.
I’m going to turn into a little baby!

So to practice this phrase, something that you could do to

put your child in this situation to
practice it is you

could do something “naughty” and then they could tell you to

“Go in the other room.” Or you could be doing something annoying.

But I think-
Does your daddy say go to the other room

when you’re kind of being annoying?

Okay, so I love my kids,

I know you love your kids too,

and this is part of a part of mom life.

So if you’re using this phrase, or practicing in a situation

tag us on Instagram @talkboxmom,
and we will see you

guys in the stories. Bye, see you there!

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