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We’re on a cleaning theme this week! Yesterday we said, “Time to clean up.” Today, we’re getting more detailed with, “Everyone load the dishwasher.” I love combining phrases when I can. It’s a super easy way to work towards being conversational in one area of your home! Now, here’s the real question: does the silverware face up or face down in your dishwasher?!

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Hey, it’s Adelaide with today’s
Phrase of the Day.

Today’s phrase is, “Everyone load the dishwasher.”

This is a great phrase to start using in a foreign language

because often I find that when I’m learning a new language

my kids actually listen better.

So we’re continuing with this week’s theme of cleaning up.

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So to get to this phrase, which is, “Everyone load the dishwasher.”

We’re going to be
doing the phrase today in….


Okay, so we’re going to go to “D.”

And then we’re going to head over to “Dishwasher.”

Here we are in “Dishwasher,” and we’re going to do, “Everyone load

the dishwasher.”

All right, here we go.

Oh, wait, hold on real fast.

Let me pause it. When you’re …well how it’s going to work is

a native speakers going to say it slow, and we’ll say it with

her. When you’re doing it foreign language,

you don’t need to remember anything first. Just jump in and

start talking, so you can keep getting better and better.

So, here we go.

“Tout” “Tout” “le” “le” “monde” “monde”

“remplit” “remplit” “le” “le”

“lave-” “lave-”
“vaisselle” “vaisselle.”

“Tout le monde remplit le lave-vaisselle.” Awesome!

So, when you’re just starting you can do the phrase one word

at a time and then do the full phrase.

I’m really curious to do the full phrase.

We use Spanish and German in our home.

And so I’m going to give it a go on the full one this time.

So let’s do it one more time together, and we’re going to

give it a go on the full thing.

I’m just like psyching myself out with the last word, which

I don’t need to be doing.



So, here we go.

“Tout” “Tout” “le” “le” “monde” “monde” “remplit” “remplit”

“le” “le”

“lave-” “lave-”
“vaisselle.” “vaisselle.”

“Tout le monde remplit le lave-vaisselle.”

Ok, here I go.
“Tout le monde remplit le lave-vaisselle.”

It was okay…

It was okay.

That was my first try. So, when you’re starting, it’s okay

how you sound because it takes you a couple of weeks to a

couple of months to hear all the sounds being said and soon

it starts to feel really, really easy.

So, to teach my kids this phrase,

I would do it one word at a time starting until that “dishwasher”

word got a little easier for me, and I would use that whenever

we go to load the dishwasher.

And then it would become part of what we’re saying and what

we’re doing.

So, that’s how you do that.

If you’re using the phrase, “Everyone load the dishwasher,” in

your family,

be sure to tag us on Instagram @talkboxmom so we can feature

you. You’ll see us doing it in German and Spanish.


See you there!


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