French Phrase of the Day! After it rains, there is a rainbow.


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I know the phrase, “After it rains, there is a rainbow,” is a literal telling of the science of rain and rainbows, but I also love this phrase as a philosophical saying. When life isn’t going exactly according to plan, (um, the last 3 months of everyone’s life!) it is always good to remember to choose joy. Enjoy saying this phrase with your kids—whether you use this phrase to talk about nature or as a life lesson.

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After it rains, there’s a rainbow, right?

Yeah, sometimes, yeah, sometimes.
And it’s fun to see that.

So today’s phrase, this week

we’ve been working on nature phrases.
Show them our calendar!

Oh, perfect.

That’s too close, sorry.

It’s actually the wrong way.
That’s why I could see it better.

You’re like, “Wow, I can see it so well!”

We’re focusing on nature phrases, you can-
My eyes are better, zoom-in eyes!

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Phrase of the Day calendar.

And today’s phrase is,
“After it rains, there is a rainbow”,

which is fun to talk about.

So let’s head over to that phrase.

But first you have to choose the language that we’re going to do it in, Darian.

So grab that random language generator
and let’s find out

what language were doing this phrase in today.

All right, do you want me to do the forehead thing, or what?

What’s going on here?
Last time you did the forehead thing,

my tooth was like-
I did hit your tooth.

It felt like a loose tooth.
I was like, trying and-

Oh, I just hit your nose.

Oh my gosh.
And then like, next time we do it,

my eye is like, gone.

That would be really bad.

Okay, so if you have the $35 phrasebook,
you can follow along

in the app with the language of your choice, because we’re

going to do this in French.

So if you have the book, to get to this phrase, you’re going

to go to, “R” for rainbow.

And then you’re going to go-
“Look at that beautiful rainbow,”

“After it rains, there is a rainbow.”

Let’s try it.







“un arc-en-ciel.”
“un arc-en-ciel.”

“Après la pluie, il y a un arc-en-ciel.”
“Après la pluie, il y a un arc-en-ciel.”

For me, for French,
this would take me a couple times.

I would need to start with word by word,
and then be able

to get the full phrase.

So if there’s ever a phrase that you’re like, “Woah, that seems

like a lot,” start with the word by word, and then after a couple

days you’ll be like, “Oh that’s so easy, I can do the whole thing.”

So if you’re using this phrase, tag us in your Instagram stories @talkboxmom.

Bye guys, see you next week!

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