Free, Foreign Language Farm Animal Printable

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We created a Farm Animal Printable guide for your family to do just that!


This free download comes with:

  • A PDF sounds guide, asking and answering which animals say which sounds.
  • a super fun memory and matching game with playing cards,
  • and native speaker audio for your family to practice animal names and sounds!

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Wishing you all the best this School Year!!



P.S.  If you want your friends to join in the fun, be sure to send everyone a link to this page, so they can also get their guide to practice!

P.S.S. If you’d love the farm animal sounds printable in another language, comment below with the language!

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We just watched your YMB zoom class, and would love the printable!

Thanks for joining us!
Select the language you would like in the form above to get the link sent to your email.
Let us know how it goes!

Portuguese, please 🙂

We’d love to have this in Mandarin, too!

Hi Yvie! I just sent you the printable in Mandarin!

We would LOVE this in Hebrew, too!!

Hi Jessie! I just sent you the printable in Hebrew!

Russian, pozhalusta 🙂

Hey Candice! You got it. Hot off the press and in your email inbox!

Korean please

Hi Malina, I just sent the Animal Sounds on the Farm in Korean to your email!

Hebrew, please!

Hi Joannie! I just sent the Farm Sounds Hebrew printable to you!

Always hoping for more Russian materials…. 🙂

Done:) I just sent it to your email address. I hope your family enjoys new Russian phrases this weekend!

Portuguese please.

Hi Julie! I just sent this brand new Brazilian Portuguese printable to your email!

Would love this in Mandarin please 🙂

Hey Clara! We don’t have your email in our system. Please fill out the form on the top of this page, selecting the Chinese Mandarin printable! Thank you.

Would love to have this in Greek!

Hey Brianna! Thank you for your interest in the Farm Sounds guide. We don’t offer Greek at this time, but there are 11 other languages to choose from!

Hi, I’d love to have this in Korean please!

Hey Rosselly! I just sent it to you!

I’d love this in Portuguese as well!

Hey Victoria! I just sent you the Farm Animal sounds in Brazilian Portuguese, hot off the press!

I’d love Korean please!

Hi Sun! You should have just gotten an email for the Korean Farm sounds guide. I hope you enjoy adding more Korean to your conversations with your kiddos!

Hey Kristin, I just sent you the Farm Sounds guide in Chinese Mandarin!

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