🌳 Climb a Tree in a New Language!

Are you already loving the summertime weather and the extra sunshine? We sure are! Here’s a fun phrase to use in another language outside with your kids on your next outdoor adventure.

Do you want to climb the tree?

Practice saying the phrase with the native speaker audio (below) without focusing on being perfect. Rather, focus on having fun with your child! You can practice saying the phrase with different emotions—scared, excited, sad, confused, happy—to keep it fun and help make the phrase your own.

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¿Quieres subirte al árbol?


Tu veux grimper dans l’arbre ?


Möchtest du auf den Baum klettern?


Vuoi arrampicarti sull’albero?


Você quer subir na árvore?


nǐ xiǎng yào pá shù ma?


Kinobori shitai?


나무 올라가고 싶어?
nah-moo ol-lah-gah-goh seep-eo?

(name or title) 나무 올라가고 싶어요?
(name or title) nah-moo ol-lah-gah-goh seep-eo-yo? (Honorific)


?רוצה לטפס על העץ
rotze letapes al haetz?
(to a male)

?רוצה לטפס על העץ
rotza letapes al haetz?
(to a female)


Ты хочешь залезть на дерево?
Ty hochesh zalezt’ na dereva?


Vrei să te urci în copac?

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