Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day: Time to clean up.


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I don’t know about you, but after a crazy Monday working from home while trying to keep the kids entertained, there’s just one thing to say: It’s time to clean up!

Cleaning up may not always be the most enjoyable thing but saying it in a different language is! Watch this video to see how we learn to say, “Time to clean up,” in Chinese {Mandarin}!

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Hey, it’s Adelaide with today’s Phrase of the Day! This week

we’re going to be focusing on
cleaning up!

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So, today’s language that we’re doing is…

Chinese Mandarin! So, let’s go!
To find it in the app,

you want to go to chapter “C” and then at the top go to the

section that is called conveniently
“Clean up.”

All right, here we go and the phrase is, “Time to clean up.”

So, this is a great phrase to use whenever you want to announce

your kids that it’s time to clean up or, often

my kids will say it between switching activities or if they

like want to watch TV;

they’ll be like, “Time to clean up!” and then they’ll get in

there and ask me if they can watch TV because they cleaned up so

they’re very strategic about it.

So, let’s hear how to say it in Chinese.

“dào” “dào” “le” “le” “gāi” “gāi”

“qīng” “qīng” “lǐ” “lǐ” “de” “de”
“shí” “shí” “jiān” “jiān” “le” “le”.

Ok, I’m going to pause it for just a second.

So, when you’re starting a language, it will take you a couple

of weeks to a couple of months to hear all the sounds being

said. So when you’re just starting it’s okay to do one word

at a time until it

feels very comfortable.

I would use this phrase with my kids and then as we got

better and better at it, I’d be able to say the full phrase together.

Now I’m going to have the native speaker say the full phrase,

and if you want to say the whole thing with her, you are

more than welcome to.

Here it goes!

“dào le gāi qīng lǐ de shí jiān le.”


That would take me a week or so.

So, the thing with Mandarin is that as you do it,

it gets easier and easier and easier because you start to

hear the tones better and better, but when you’re just starting

it can be like, “Wow! That’s a lot!”

So, definitely focus- don’t make your focus trying to do everything.

Just do one word at a time.



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Have a great day cleaning up!

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