Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! The plant is growing really fast.

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I like this general phrase, “The plant is growing really fast,” because your kids can use this phrase without having to immediately learn every single type of plant in your garden. As the natural progression of speaking your foreign language continues, you can replace, “plant” with the newest word you’ve introduced: carrots, pumpkins, sunflowers, zucchini–and all the other things you grow at home!

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Welcome to today’s Phrase of the Day.

I am here with a gardening pro named, Nolan,

and we’re working on foreign language phrases

all about gardening this week.

One time Nolan, and his dad, and brother

got little cups and put dirt in them with seeds,

and the plant started growing in the windowsill,

right? Did you do that?

And then what happened when they got too big?

What did you have to do with them?

I had to put the plant in the big garden.

And then they died.

Yes, you put them in the garden.

They did end up dying.

You don’t have to be good at gardening

to use gardening phrases.

So today’s phrase is,

“the plant is growing really fast,” because as we

saw them growing we kept saying that

and it was super exciting.

So this is just a great phrase that you can start

using with your family if you are

planting anything or doing any gardening

and you can comment on that.

And, so what we have is a free

Phrase of the Day calendar that you can

comment or DM us for and they can get

the calendar, right? In the language

of their choice. And, so we’re going to try out,

Nolan and I, we’re going to try out

the phrase, “the plant is going really fast,”

in another language. And Nolan’s gonna use

the random language generator to choose what

language- -Oh, and the awesome book.

Yeah, if you have the awesome book already,

you can listen to the audio for the language

that you have there in the app.

Or you can get the app.

Yeah, did you know when they buy

the book, the app comes with it?

Whatever they buy shows up in the app.

Is that kind of cool?

Ooo. Ooo. So, Nolan, don’t choose a hard

language, okay? Make it easy.

All right go for it, Bud.

Did you just push it?

Oh, ouch.

You chose Chinese Mandarin.

That’s kind of tricky for me.

Do you want to just try it?

Let’s try it out.

We’re not going to get the tones perfectly

because we’re just starting, but we’re going to

have fun doing it. High-five, Nolan.

Oh, you’re so strong. Alright.

Okay, so to get to this phrase

you’re going to go to “G” in the app,

and you’re gonna go to “Grow.”

Alright, Nolan, get ready.

Are you ready to listen?

Are you ready to try it out? Okay. Hold my hand.

Here we go.

We’re gonna do it together.

Oh wait, that’s really loud.

Okay. I’m sorry.


Alright. Ready, set,

stand tall so, so you can be seen.

Okay right up here, Nolan, and…

“zhí” “zhí” “wù” “wù” “zhǎng” “zhǎng” “de” “de”

“zhēn” “zhēn” “kuài.” “kuài.”

“zhí wù zhǎng de zhēn kuài.”

“zhí wù zhǎng de zhēn kuài.”

That was awesome, Nolan. High-five.

Alright, so we’re just starting with that.

So we would take it one word at a time

until we felt comfortable with the full phrase.

The key here is not to be overwhelmed.

When you start you’re not gonna be

perfect, but you can have fun

and then as you continue to use the phrase,

it’ll become a normal part of your day.

Thank you so much for joining me, Nolan,

for Phrase of the Day.

Thank you. You’re welcome.


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