Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! Please get ready to go.

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Getting ready to go can be an event in and of itself! You feel me, Mom?! If I rush Nolan with getting ready, he will just race out of the house without shoes on. Getting completely ready and out the door can be too much for his brain to process. He just doesn’t think about it! One time we went on a trip a couple hours from home, and when we arrived and got out of the car, we realized he had no shoes with him. We had to go to the store to buy him shoes! Ha! Do your kids do something similar? Tell me I am not alone!

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“Time’s Up!” is this week’s Phrase of the Day theme

and we’re doing all phrases based on that.

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Darian, today’s phrase is,

“Please get ready to go.”

Because once time’s up,

you gotta get ready to go! I already have my shoes on.

Oh, good job!

Ouch! Okay!

We’re gonna try this phrase out in one language.

So Darian,

do you wanna get the random language generator

ready? And you can see that.

If you’re already have the..

If you’re to have the $35 phrase book,

you can follow along in the app

and I’ll show you where that’s at.

Okay, Darian, choose the language.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

“It’s time to go.”

Time’s up!

We gotta go!

Time’s up!

He’s like, please stop mom. Okay!

To find this phrase in the app,

the phrase again is, “Please get ready to go”

and we’re doing this in Chinese Mandarin.

Hope I’m ready for it.

I’m gonna wanna go down to “R”

and then.. “R” for roar!

and then you wanna go over to “Ready.”

“Ready.” Okay!

Here we go, let’s get in the zone.

We don’t speak Mandarin

and so we’re still getting used to the tones

and when you start, that’s just how it’s gonna be.

So you just wanna keep using it

until you get a better and better ear for it.

So we’re just gonna do our best.

You at home if you’ve been doing a Mandarin a lot,

you’ve started to get an ear for it

and I’m sure your tones are getting even better.

Here we go.

It’s gonna be so good.

So good. Are you ready? Okay.

“qǐng” “qǐng” “zhǔn” “zhǔn”

Let me start again.

“qǐng” “qǐng” “zhǔn” “zhǔn” “bèi” “bèi”

“hǎo” “hǎo” “zǒu.” “zǒu.”

Okay. For Darian and I,

we would do.. “hǎo zǒu.”

“hǎo zǒu.”

We would do it one word at a time

and then the words we’re getting good at like

“hǎo zǒu.”

we would use those together, to do it.

Now if you’ve been doing it for awhile,

I’m gonna play the full phrase for you.

I’m gonna keep quiet after it

’cause I’m still getting used to the single words

but Darian, if you wanna give it a go you can

or you cannot,

you choose what you wanna do. I wanna try. I wanna try.

Here it goes.

“qǐng zhǔn bèi hǎo zǒu.” “qǐng zhǔn bèi hǎo zǒu.”

Wonderful, awesome!

Well thanks so much for joining us

for today’s Phrase of the Day.

We will see you tomorrow

because Darian.. Bye!

“Please get ready to go!”

It’s time to go!


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