Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! My stomach hurts.

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All right. Let’s hear ’em! Tell me your worst throw up story. I know you have them! We all do. Somehow our moms forget to tell us about all the throw-up that happens when you have kids. It’s like they block that part out! And I can see why!

When Darian was little, he had a bad flu and kept throwing up. We were trying to get him to make it to the toilet or trash can to throw up… but he threw up in the hall… or near the toilet on the ground… or to the right of the trash can. By the middle of the night, I was SO tired. Like physically tired from the lack of sleep and tired of cleaning up throw up again and again. Finally he was fine, and I laid down to sleep until I was suddenly awoken by him telling me that he was going to throw up 😦 and I literally sat up and cupped my hands, catching it as it went down my arms 😭 because I didn’t want to scrub the carpet again.

And then Nolan threw up and was sick too. 😭


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Hey, it’s Adelaide, and Darian, with
today’s Phrase of this,

the Day! Of this day. Of this day here.

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We’re going to do our fancy foreign
language Phrase of the Day.

And that, that fancy phrase is,
“My stomach hurts.”



So, “My stomach hurts,” is today’s phrase. Darian’s going to grab

that random language generator and we’re going to do that

in a language.

I hope, like yesterday, the phrase,
“My stomach hurts,” is not

20 words long!

So let’s try it out.

Are you ready? Hit it, Darian!

And we got Chinese!

It’s not the loud anymore.

Yeah. I guess maybe, maybe you’ve
got work out a little bit.

Just kidding!
This is fine. Look at it.

I know. Whoa!


I think that peaks the audio too big.

All right, here we go! To get to this
phrase if you already

have the $35 book, with all these phrases;
you can follow along

in the app, and to get there you’re
going to head over to,

“H” and then- can you cap that, bud?
And then over to, “Hurt.”

Whole section to “hurt” and “pain”
because we have kids.

You should be on camera,

so people can see your face.

That was funny.

He was not, not happy with that one.

Okay, so the phrase is, “My stomach hurts.”

So let’s try that out.

Oh, “My belly-”

It’s going to be, “My”… oh wait…
“My belly hurts,” and, “My stomach hurts.”

So you could try, like, younger kid, older kid.


Let’s try this out.

“wǒ” “wǒ” “de” “de”

“wèi” “wèi” “tòng” “tòng”

“wǒ de wèi tòng.”
“wǒ de wèi tòng.”

I know they always have like a, “wǒ”

That’s for like, the self, right?

Oh, that’s why it’s always like “wǒ.”

So see how Darian’s only done a little bit of

Mandarin, but he’s starting to
pick up on those patterns?

So, “wǒ.” Let’s try it again.

I like this one.

I feel like I could…
I’m a little more confident in it.

Let’s try it.

“wǒ” “wǒ” “de” “de” “wèi” “wèi”

I’m holding my tummy like it hurts.

“tòng” “tòng”

“wǒ de wèi tòng.”
“wǒ de wèi tòng.”

That was my, that was pretty good
for just starting!

Yeah! First time trying that out.

Yeah! If you’re using this phrase,
we would love to see you

trying it out in your Instagram stories.
As always, practice

it with your kids by acting it out.

We’ll see you there @talkboxmom

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