Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day: Mom, don’t kiss me.


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We all know the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” right? Well, there’s something missing from that statement: SUGAR! In life, sour situations can be sweetened by simply adding a little sugar! For example, when your kid reaches the, “Mom don’t kiss me” phase. We may not like this little bit of independence they ask from us, but we can sweeten it with hearing it in a foreign language we love! Do you remember how old you were when you decided kisses from mom were more embarrassing than anything else?

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This week we are focusing on phrases, embarrassing phrases in a foreign

language that you would want to say to foreign language in

public, so you’re not so embarrassed.

I’m Adelaide with TalkBox.Mom where we help your family

to start talking in a foreign language the same exact day

you start. Now for this week,

we have a free Phrase of the Day calendar that you can just

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Now today, we’re going to be doing the phrase,

“Mom, don’t kiss me.” So if you’re too cool, and you don’t want your mom

kissing you in front of your friends, you can say it in a foreign language.

Today we’re going to be doing it in Chinese Mandarin, and just so

you know that is not a language that we do in our home, and

so I’m a total beginner at it.

So if you are too, don’t worry about it. If you already have

the $35 phrasebook in a different language, you can follow

along in the audio in the companion app, and I’ll show you

how to get there.

So I’m going to go ahead and click on my Chinese book.

And I’m going to go down to, “K” chapter, “K” and I’m going to

go into our section for, “Kiss” and I’m going to do the phrase,

“Mom, don’t kiss me.”

Now again, this is a native speaker who is talking, and I’m just

going to do my best because it takes a couple weeks to a

couple months to hear the sounds being sad, and I’m still

getting there.

So here we go.

“mā ma” “”mā ma” “bú” “bú” “yào” “yào” “qīn” “qīn” “wǒ” “wǒ”

“mā ma, bú yào qīn wǒ.”
“mā ma, bú yào qīn wǒ.”

Oh! I got close, and then I threw myself off.

Okay. I want to do it again.

I think it’s really fun.

Okay, let’s do it again. Now to teach your child this phrase

or to teach your parents this phrase, you would use it, and

you would tell them what it means, and so they could get the

clue that you don’t want them to embarrass you! So, okay.

So here we go.

I’m going to do it one more time because I want to give it

another go, and it’s just supposed to be fun.

Here we go.

“mā ma” “”mā ma” “bú” “bú” “yào” “yào” “qīn” “qīn” “wǒ” “wǒ”

“mā ma, bú yào qīn wǒ.”
“mā ma, bú yào qīn wǒ.”

That is my best go! Oh, that is so fun.

It makes me want to do more, more, more Chinese.

So super fun.

Now if you’re using this phrase with your family or you’re

making silly videos using it, be sure to tag us on Instagram

@talkboxmom because I would love to feature your family

having fun using a foreign language.

All right.

I’ll see you on Instagram. Bye!

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