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Have you seen that meme where mom starts out as Cinderella, telling her kids, “Let’s go,” but minutes later, she turns into Cruella De Vil because her kids won’t listen? Hahaha! I love that meme. It’s so funny because it’s me! Practice saying today’s phrase in your best Cinderella voice, but if things don’t go according to plan, you have my permission to avoid your Cruella De Vil by eating some chocolate in the closet! 😜

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I’m Darian, and this is my mom Adelaide,
the owner, and today

is a Phrase of the Day!

I think it’s going to be special, maybe.
Or not, who knows.

It’s going to be special.

This week we’re working on phrases
to torture children,

phrases for running errands.

This phrase can also be used when you’re not doing errands,

and if you would like this week’s
Phrase of the Day calendar,

you can get it in the language of your
choice to do all your

errand phrases.

And don’t forget the book.

Okay, here we go.

The awesome book.

Okay, Darian today-

Can you be soft with my book?

I really love it.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Okay, thank you.

Today’s phrase is, “Let’s go.”

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

If you have the book and the app, you can

choose different places where you are going, but we’re

going to do the general phrase for this one.

So Darian, grab that random language generator,

and you choose the language that
we’re going to do.

Are you going to do it with you head?

I thought I was going to hit it,
but you got it good.

Do you know what you chose?

Can you tell what it is? Chinese!

No, yeah.
It’s Chinese.

So if you already have the $35 phrasebook-

Do you want to hold it gently?

You can follow along in the app in the language of your choice.

Otherwise, try it with us in Chinese.

We don’t speak Chinese,
And look at this cute little kitty!

so we’re going to give it our best go.

Hello, I’m a cute little kitty!

Hold it back a tiny bit, they can’t see the kitty.

It has over 1,700 phrases.

Okay, so to find this in the app,

we are going to go, like yesterday, to, “G.”
For, “Good.”

For what? What is it for?

Good chickens!

Okay, we’re going to go to, “Go.”

Good ghost.

Good go.

My favorite book as like, a little kid was “Go Dog. Go!” I really liked that.

Okay, here’s, “Let’s go.”

What’s “Go Dog. Go!”?

Have you never heard of it? It was the dogs, and they go in the cars.

Or like, the one dog, he wants like, the girl
dog to like…

All the dogs are going, okay?

We’ll read it together.

I know you’ve read it, I know you know. It’s a good one.

Okay, let’s do, “Let’s go.”

Here we go.





“wǒ men zǒu ba.”
“wǒ men zǒu ba.”

That was pretty good!

That was pretty good for our first try!

In Chinese, there’s tones, right?
And you get a better-

Like music!
Like music.

And you better get about-

It’s like, it’s like waves.

You get a better ear for it as you do it,

and so that one was really fun.

So to start using this phrase, you would
say it as best

you can to your child, and then you say
what it means, and

then you’d say it again, right?

And then as you listen to the native
speaker audio again,

over time, you’ll be able to hear it more and mo. More and mo!

Mo and mo! If you’re using this phrase with your family, tag us

in your Instagram stories @talkboxmom.
Do not do the dot.

Don’t do “.mom,” but do “talkboxmom.” Tag us.

Okay, all right!

Bye guys, see you in the stories!

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