Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! Jump!

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Here’s a super simple phrase for even the most resistant foreign language learner in your family. “Jump!” is just one word, but a full phrase! Switch from saying this phrase in English and I stress encourage your kids in a foreign language to jump off the diving board or into the lake. I have no doubt that your child will understand this simple phrase after a few hours of using this single word every time your kid jumps into the water! I bet you they won’t even realize they are learning it!


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Hello, and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day.

I’m Darian, and this is my mom, mom, and she’s-
-What’s my mom?

She’s Adelaide.
Oh, okay.

Now, your mom’s name is…
Alright. And we’re working on

swimming phrases this week,

and we have a Phrase of the Day calendar with different phrases

for the week in a foreign language of your choice.

So you can DM us or comment-
-Deb, Deb. Is that my mom’s name?

You can DM us or comment to get that calendar.

Today’s phrase is, “jump.” “Jump!”
Because that’s a fun phrase to be using

around the water.


So let’s choose a language, Darian, with the random language

generator to do this in.
If you already have the $35 phrasebook,

you can follow along in the app with the language

of your choice.

Remember our phrasebook is just a couple phrases to go throughout

your day, and our boxes go even deeper.

All right, Darian, choose that language.

Woah, did you hit it?

All right.

Oh, Chinese Mandarin. Did we do that?

Or this is new?

We, I always tell my team to not give me too many of these

because it’s harder, but we did it – I think we did it last week,

we did it together.

I think it was you and not Nolan.

Okay, so we’re going to try this out in Mandarin.

So I have the app here.

I’m going to go to “J”
“J” “J” “J” “J” And then I’m going to go

over to “Jump.” “Jump”
And here we go.

It’s just one word.

I think we can try this.

“tiào!” “tiào!”

Let me play it a little louder
for our friends.

Here we go.

“tiào!” “tiào!”
“tiào!” “tiào!”

What did you think of that?
It was good. It was really good.

“tiào!” Yeah, it was good. I think we could start using that.

So to teach this phrase
it’d be just really fun,

if it’s safe by the pool to jump in,
you could yell that, or

if you’re jumping off the back of the boat,
again if that’s safe,

or off a bridge.
Anything that’s safe because we’re not

liable for it. Then you can use the phrase.


Oh, my hair got a little crazy there, Darian.

Maybe it’s because I’m jumping in the pool.


Thank you so much for doing today’s
Phrase of the Day

with us, and we will see you tomorrow.

Next time. Bye.


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