Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! I need to use the toilet.

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We couldn’t finish up this week’s kid phrases without the all important phrase, “I need to use the bathroom / toilet!” I am not sure if it is so important or more like my kids say this all the time. Why do kids feel like they need to announce this grand event every single time they use the bathroom?! Like, when they come in from playing outside. When they pause their video game. When I’m on the other side of the house doing my own thing, and they suddenly pop in just to let me know.
Are your kids like that too? Maybe they just miss me from the days they wouldn’t leave me alone when I went to the bathroom, following me in, staring at me. Their separation runs deep.


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So, we are going to do the phrase,

“I need to use the toilet” or
“I need to go to the bathroom”

in a foreign language.
We’re going to do that today.

We’re going to do that challenge with you.

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Are you ready to choose it?

Choose that language! And go!

Brazilian Portuguese! Oh yeah!

Okay, so here we go on it.

We are going to go to “T”…
Umm, I have a question.

Why is it called Brazilian Portuguese?

I thought that there’s like one thing.

Oh, there’s Portuguese in Europe,
which you’ve lived in Portugal.

and you’ve lived in Brazil,
and the Portuguese in Brazil is

different than the Portuguese in Europe.

In Brazil it’s more like,
sing-songy, and kind of hippity fun,

and then in Portugal it’s kind of
more like Spanish with

like, kind of more like that.

They’re both very nice.

they’re both very nice
in their own different ways.

Um, so, okay.

So, to get to it you’re going to go to
“T” and “Toilet”

But, very good question Darian, I really liked it.
“T” for… and we’re going to do, let’s do,

“I need to use the bathroom” right here.


Oh, how often do you use this phrase, Darian?

Oh what sorry, what was it?

“I need to go to use bathroom.”
Oh lots, like when

we’re camping because it’s like, it’s like
down the street or down the thing

and movies, parties…

Playing video games?
Yeah, like Nolan

“Pause it!”
“Pause! I need to use the bathroom.”

“Quickly!” Yeah, and
then I notice you use it the most

when you’re supposed to load the dishwasher.

Yes, I’m like,

“I need to go to the bathroom.

Nolan, you go do it, I am going to be in there
for like 13 hours. Bye!”

Okay, yeah, so let’s,

let’s challenge ourselves
to say this in Portuguese.

Here we go.





“Preciso usar o banheiro.”
“Preciso usar o banheiro.”

Oh, you yawned in that one.

Oh, I’m so sorry!
Oh you hear that “Onje” ?

Oh yeah “Onje”

That’s very Brazilian to say
the “g”. “Onje”

Like that, umm… Orenjino?
Are you thinking Japanese?


You’re so good at word associations and other languages.

So you have “Onje”, which is “¿Dónde” like “where” in Spanish.

Oh, really?

Yeah, “¿Dónde” “Onje”.
But “orenjino” is orange in Japanese.

Then it’s like two unrelated-
-things going on.

Okay, let’s do the phrase one more time.

Are you ready, Bud?

Okay, here we go.
“Preciso” “Preciso”

“usar” “usar” “o” “o” banheiro.” banheiro.”

“Preciso usar o banheiro.”
“Preciso usar o banheiro.”

Let’s do this slow again. Are you ready?

I think you were relying on me to say it, so I stopped. You were checked out, so I

could tell your mind was checked out. Okay, this is all you. Are you ready?

This is all you. Go!

“Preciso” “Preciso” “usar” “usar” “o” “o” banheiro.” banheiro.”

“Preciso usar o banheiro.”
“Preciso usar o banheiro.”

I will do it with you.
“Preciso usar o banheiro.”

Did they… hear? There’s thunder. Yeah there’s some thunder.

I’m like, did they hear that because…
Okay, our video is getting really long, but

the more we work on this phrase, the better it will sound, and the better we’ll use it.

You can tell Darian from each step

he’s done it. I’ve heard, I’ve heard improvements,

and it’s not, the point is not to be perfect when you start.

Yes, you don’t, you don’t have to be perfect.

If you’re perfect… they won’t want to be with you because

you keep like, “Try it again! You’re not perfect!”

Who hears the wind?
Whoa! That was the wind.



Happy, happy Saturday! Bye!

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