Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! I need to cook dinner.


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Are you someone who loves to cook? I find cooking fun when tacos are involved. I guess that is a little more like assembling than cooking, but I will call it cooking! I could eat tacos every night of the week and be one happy Mama! What about you? What’s your favorite thing to cook?

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Hey, it’s Adelaide with TalkBox.Mom,

and we’re doing today’s foreign language Phrase of the Day.

We’re continuing our weekly theme of forgetful

mom, and today’s phrase is,

“I need to cook dinner.”

Now, this might be a phrase

you might say when you’re not forgetful and you just need

to cook dinner, or it could be like me, and I’m doing something,

and I’m like, “I need to cook dinner!”
So, depends on the context.

So, if you’d like to follow along with our free Phrase of the Day

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So, today we’re going to be doing this phrase together in…

Wowzers! Chinese Mandarin.

Now, I do Spanish and German with my family.

So, this one is totally different for me.

So, let’s go and try it out.

So, to get to this phrase in the app, we’re going to go over

to “C” and then we’re going to hop over to the word, “Cook.”

There we go.

Lots of words in this book.

Okay, here we go.

Here it is.

“I need to cook dinner.”

So, remember when you’re starting a foreign language, you

can’t hear all the sounds being said, so that goes for me.

I can’t hear everything being said,
but I’m going to give

it my best try, and the more I do this the better

I’ll be able to hear it.

So, let’s have some fun.

Oh sorry.

I didn’t click on the phrase.

There we go.

“wǒ” “wǒ” “xū” “xū” “yào” “yào”

“zuò” “zuò” “wǎn” “wǎn” “fàn” “fàn” “le.” “le.”

“wǒ xū yào zuò wǎn fàn le.”
“wǒ xū yào zuò wǎn fàn le.”

That was my best!

Let’s play it again so those that are doing Chinese at home;

you can follow along.

I’m going to pause for when she says the full phrase to let

you repeat because I’m not there yet.

I’m still at one word at a time.

But, I am enjoying the one word at a time.

So, here we go.

“wǒ” “wǒ”

“xū” “xū”

“yào” “yào”

“zuò” “zuò” “wǎn” “wǎn” “fàn” “fàn”

“le.” “le.”

“wǒ xū yào zuò wǎn fàn le.”

Awesome! Okay, wonderful.

So, if you’re using this phrase with your family, tag us on

Instagram @talkboxmom

of a video of you using this phrase in a really fun way,

so we can continue the fun over there.

I’ll see you on Instagram @talkboxmom
in the stories. Bye!

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