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Do you have have a kid who is struggling to embrace learning a foreign language? It may not be every kid’s cup of tea starting out, and I get that! This week we are focusing on super short phrases. I am all about baby steps, and I believe the even the smallest achievements should be celebrated! Use this week’s Phrase of the Day calendar to say a simple and widely-used phrases, starting with, “Hello!”


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Hello and I’m Darian.
This is my mom, Adelaide,

and it’s Phrase of the Day!

Yes, and this week

our theme is super short phrases!

And here we go…the balloons!

oh! They didn’t make it on camera.

They went everywhere in here though.
It went like, it went like to hit the light.

It had been there for a couple seconds.
Hit the wall over…

the left wall.

It was left to use.

Okay, today’s-
And then the right wall and then they bounced

back, hit that

and then just… If you want to follow along on the Phrase Calendar,

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Today, Darian’s going to use the random language generator…

gotta get the box.

…to choose to do our phrase in one language.

Our phrase today is, “Hello.”


Oh, you pushed it fast.

And we’re going to be doing that in Chinese.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook, Darian…

And there’s a cute kitty.

So you can’t resist that kitty next to headphones.

You can follow along in the app.

If you don’t or you just wanna party with us right now, you

can follow along in Chinese Mandarin, and also show you how

to find it in the app

if you do have the book. So to get to this phrase, you’re

going to go to “H”
“H” for “High Five.”

Yeah! Okay, let’s do it for, “Hello.”

I want you to notice in Mandarin,
we have right here it

as a casual phrase and formal.

So in our home how we’d say it, and then to people who we

don’t know who are older, and other situations.

That’s, that’s, that’s funny like how they like change speaking.


Like at home. Then there! That’s really cool and then it gets complicated.

Really cool. So, let’s try it out.

We would love for you to join us.

Here we go!

“nǐ” “nǐ” “hǎo!” “hǎo!”
“nǐ hǎo!” “nǐ hǎo!”

“nǐ hǎo!” “nǐ hǎo!” “nǐ hǎo!”

Now, when you’re just starting you don’t
hear all the tones being said.

You need to practice. Keep practicing then you

hear them. Because when you’re starting you don’t hear all the

sounds, like you’re a baby;
takes awhile to hear them. Then it

keeps awhile to learn them,
and then you can speak them!

I love it!

Just like when you’re a baby. If you look at the Chinese here

Darian, you’ll notice there’s little
lines above the “ǐ.”



That’s the sound of it going down, up.

I like, I like that.
Now if they look-

It’s like a person at the opera.

But now, if you look at the next one for the formal,

the sound goes down and then just up.
You’re gonna notice

that they’re not saying, “nǐ” this time.

It’s just going to go up.

So let’s hear them.

Say it for the formal. You ready?

Let’s give it a go!

“nín” “nín” “hǎo!” “hǎo!”
“nín hǎo!” “nín hǎo!”

I think we go it.
Do you hear the difference between the two?

Yeah, yeah.
It changed.

That one is – I forgot.
You want me to do it again?

Yes, the top one. Okay.
“nín” “nín”

And that under there was,
“nǐ hǎo!” “nín hǎo!” Like it was longer,

and like, a little different.
Did you hear it went higher?


Yeah, like it went up?

I love it.

Well, if you’re using this phrase with your family, we would

love to shoot… we would love for

you to shoot us over a, “Hello!” in
the language of your

choice in your Instagram stories.
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We will see you in the stories. Bye!

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