Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! Go to the table.

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Whether you homeschool or go to traditional school, the dining table seems to be the hub of our kids’ school life. Homework, eating meals, and playing games all happens at the table, so this phrase, “Go to the table,” can easily be used many times a day!

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Hey, it’s the middle of the week-


Hey, and we’re continuing on with our

Phrases of the Day

that focus on back-to-school.

Now whether you are homeschooling,

or you’re doing homework after school,

or you’re doing virtual school,

“go to the table,”

to do those things, like, that’s a really

good phrase. And, so that’s a phrase

that we’re going to be doing today.

Nolan and I, we have a free

Phrase of the Day calendar for you,

and how can they get that calendar, Nolan?

What do they have to do?

You have to buy it.

No, you get it for free.

Oh, yeah.

Do you know how they get it?

Can you sit down in your chair?

You can DM us or comment for that.

So let’s get started.

If you have the $35 phrasebook…

Can you show that Nolan?

The phrasebook?

You can follow along in the app, like I have here,

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Nolan and I are going to try it out in a language

that we don’t know.

So, Nolan, get that, get that button.

Get ready to choose that phrase.

And go for it.

Wow! You chose Chinese (or Mandarin).

You want to show them your wiggly tooth?

Okay, but you have to be, they can’t see it.

You’ve got to look right at that camera

and then they can see it, huh?

Okay, that’s his wiggly tooth.

He’s very excited about that.

And that’s a new phrase that we’re adding to the

phrasebook. Okay.

So if you already have the phrasebook,

to get to this phrase

in the app, you’re going to want to go to “T”

Are you ready?

Come sit back.

Let’s do this phrase together.

We’re going to try it out in the language we don’t

know. We don’t know Mandarin, do we?

So here we have, “go to the table.”

So let’s hear her say it.


“qù” “qù” “zhuō” “zhuō”

“zi” “zi” “nà.” “nà.”

“qù zhuō zi nà.”

“qù zhuō zi nà.”

Let’s do that again.

Okay, let’s try this again.

Let’s focus.

I’m going to look at it in the app as she goes, too,

to help me out.

Are you ready, Nolan?



Here we go.

“qù” “qù” “zhuō” “zhuō”

“zi” “zi” “nà.” “nà.”

“qù zhuō zi nà.”

“qù zhuō zi nà.”

Okay, I know that our best go wasn’t amazing.

But that was our first time trying that phrase

ever. Do you just want to keep doing more

phrases? Here, look right at the camera,

Mr. Wiggly Tooth.

When you just start, it takes a couple of weeks

to a couple of months to get to hear all the tones

and everything. And that’s fine.

You just want to keep using it, and keep

listening so that can open up.

And this is a great phrase

to do that with because you use it all the time.

So use this phrase, and if your kids don’t know

what you mean

just say, “that means go to the table.”

And then say it again

in the foreign language. And just keep using it

and you’ll get better and better at it.

It’s okay to start how we started.

You will still make a lot of progress

because you’re just starting out. Alright,

I hope you had fun with today’s Phrase of the Day.

Nolan will be back on with us on Friday.




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