Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! Don’t hit.


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Have your kids ever started fighting in the middle of the grocery store? No? Just me? Ok. Haha! This week is dedicated to helping you encourage your kids to behave. Being a parent is seriously hard work, but hopefully being able to tell your kids, “Don’t hit,” in a foreign language while strolling the Target aisles will lighten the mood!

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This week foreign language Phrase of the Day,

we’re doing phrases for kids that

fight! What?

So these are going to be phrases

like “Don’t hit,” “Don’t fight,”
“Go in the other room.”

We have a lot of these phrases

in our phrasebook.

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Today, Darian’s going to use the
random language

generator, so we know what language we’re going to be doing.

Oh, how did I click?
I did this.

Oh, you touched it when you put it on?
You chose Chinese.

If you’re doing-

If you have the $35 phrasebook in another language,

I’ll show you how to find it in the app.

Otherwise, try out this phrase
with us in Chinese.

We’re doing “Don’t hit. Be gentle.”
It’s two phrases together.

So Darian and I are going to focus more on saying the first one

and then later try the second one.

We haven’t done this in a while.

Yeah, so we haven’t tried Mandarin in a while.

So go to-
So it’s going to be a little funny.

Yeah, so to get to this phrase,
you go to “D”, and then

you want to head over to,

“D.” “D” for, “Dude”.

Dude? Okay, head over to “Dude” or, “Don’t”.

Is there actually a, “Dude” on here?

No, there’s not a, “Dude” on there.

Okay, so “Don’t hit. Be gentle.”

So she’s going to do one part, and one part and then the full thing.

So let’s try this out.

Is it the top one or the second one?







This is the, “be gentle” part.



“bú yào dǎ rén.”
Okay, I’ll pause it at that.

“bú yào dǎ rén.”

That was pretty good.

“bú, bú yào dǎ rén.”
It’s kind of like a song.

It’s kind of like a song.
That’s my best of it.

It’s kind of like a song.

It is, because in Mandarin they have these tones, and when you’re

just starting, you’re not going to
hit all the tones.

You just can’t hear it all. We’re definitely not hitting it all,

we’re just getting started.

So we’re just having fun.

Our focus is on having fun as we acquire more of these sounds.

“bú yào dǎ rén.”

And then the next part is-

Let’s see if I can start it on just that part.

Maybe not. Let’s see.

Oh, I didn’t hit play.

We’re like, waiting.

“bú yào dǎ rén. wēn róu yī diǎn.”
“bú yào dǎ rén. wēn róu yī diǎn.”

That was really fun, though, to try that out.

If you’re doing Mandarin at home,

I’m sure you were really great at that phrase.

Again, we’re just starting, but it is fun just to jump in and get started.

If you’re using this phrase, please tag us on Instagram @talkboxmom!

Do not do the dot or
it’s going to go blind probably.


All right, bye!


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