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Just a week ago Darian colored on the walls! Not the baby. The nine year old. Why do kids feel the need to do that?! There’s a wall-colorer in every family, isn’t there? haha! I just love it when he colors…. on paper! He probably didn’t have as much fun cleaning the walls after he colored on them, but hopefully it was a lesson learned. And hopefully you can use this phrase, “Don’t color on the wall,” before your kids sneak off with their crayons to their bedrooms!

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Don’t color on the walls.

I didn’t!

That’s today’s Phrase of the Day.

Okay, I didn’t know you started it.

And, so I was like, I was just, like, confused.

Have you ever colored on the walls?

Maybe above my bunk bed.

Oh, I forgot, recently you
colored on the walls.

Was I thrilled?

It was like a giant, it was like this giant stick man with, like, a body.

And then it said Darian with an arrow
pointing to him. It was like-

And when I saw it, what was your face?

I think your face was like…

And then who had to clean it up?

I didn’t clean it up.

I can’t even climb up there.

Did you clean it up?


Don’t color on the wall.

Why are you shaking my foot?

Don’t color on the wall.

If you want to follow along-
I have foot fungus now.

Oh that’s disgusting!

People don’t want to see
your foot. That’s gross!

If you want to follow along with
our Phrase of the Day calendar,

not Darian’s foot,
Phrase of the Day calendar,

comment or DM us below.
And now enough of that.

And we’re going to choose to do
this phrase in one language.

Okay, so we’re going to push
this Phrase of the Day.

Okay, you pushed it so soon.

Chinese Mandarin.


So if you have the book,
she’s going to show you it.

If you have the app,

she’s going to show you how to go there.

And don’t, and you got to not make
a mistake because then you won’t listen,

and then your head will turn into a lemon.

I’m going to go to-
-I cannot make up this stuff.

I think that you can follow along just fine.

So if you already have the book,
you have access to the app,

and you go to “C” and
then you’ll head over to, “Color.”

Which one is, “Color?”

Right there.

Oh yeah, now I see it.

And then phrase is, “Don’t color….”
Oh, there’s a lot of, “Color.”

Yeah lots of things for coloring
because, like, kids like to color.

And we have a whole TalkBox dedicated

to arts and crafts, and by the
end of it you’re making videos

in the language explaining
how to color things, and, or

draw things actually.

My eyes are red right here?
Is it the light?

Maybe. Are you wearing makeup?

Are you wearing a little

eye makeup?
No, I’m not.

I know you’re not.
I’m really tired.

“Don’t color on the wall.”

Here we go.

I think it’s my allergies.








“bú yào qiáng shàng tú sé.”

I think she said, “poonce” so I said, “pooance”

Let’s hear it again.

So, we don’t do Chinese.
When you’re just starting-

It sounds like crazy, and

I think I’m allergic.

It sounds wonderful, but it just
takes a while to catch on to it.

We’ll pause for the full phrase,

so those of you doing it at home
can say it without us, like, interrupting you.

So, we’ll just, we’ll be quiet after she says

the full phrase so they can say it,

but let’s do our best on the slow words.

And when you’re just
starting something like this,

doing it word by word is just fine,

like a small child. Here we go.

I want to challenge.

I want you.

I want to challenge you to listen a little harder.

Because I know you can. Are you ready?

Wait, wait, I want to challenge the people.

To listen hard too?

No, no. One thing you have to say it

holding your breath the whole the entire time.

I can do it.

Okay, here we go!








“bú yào qiáng shàng tú sé.”
“bú yào qiáng shàng tú sé.”

That was a good try!

I was pausing for people
at home to do it.

But you gave it a good try.

Now when you’re just starting
it’s important to celebrate

even if it doesn’t sound perfect.

It’s good to celebrate.

And if you, and if you think you did good,

or like tell us your-
You did well yeah

opinion, you comment down below.

Like, it’s, like, just right down there.

So close. Right down there!

All right, Darian needs to go outside now.

All right, everybody.

Have a wonderful day.


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