Chinese Mandarin Phrase of the Day! Do you want to help me cook?

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Yay! This week it’s all about cooking together! Do you have junior chef in your home who will be helping with Thanksgiving prep this week? Darian and Nolan love to help me make messes. 😜 Use today’s phrase, “Do you want to help me cook?” as you start your Thanksgiving week festivities!

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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

This week’s Phrase of the Day in foreign language

are phrases that you can use at Thanksgiving!


Like today’s phrase is, “Do you want to help me cook?”

We’re going to try out this phrase in Mandarin Chinese,

and you can try it out with us or just watch us try.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook,

you could find this in the app under “C” and then “Cook.”

You ready to try it, Darian?

All right, here we go!

And we don’t speak Chinese,

so we’re just going to do our best!

“nǐ” “nǐ” “xiǎng” “xiǎng” “yào” “yào” “bāng” “bāng”

“wǒ” “wǒ” “zuò” “zuò” “fàn” “fàn” “ma?” “ma?”

All right, now the native speaker’s going to say the full phrase,

I’m just going to listen because it’s a new phrase for me,

and if you’re just starting a language,

you can just listen to the full phrase as well,

and just have fun with the word-by-word

until it gets really easy.

Here we go!

“nǐ xiǎng yào bāng wǒ zuò fàn ma?”

“nǐ xiǎng yào bāng wǒ zuò fàn ma?”

You got pretty close!

You hit some of those. I heard that!

That was a good first try!

And that’s how we like to keep things positive!

I hope you have fun

with this free Phrase of the Day calendar.

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