Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! You are so smart.

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Do your kids have a hard time not comparing themselves to each other? It can be hard for my boys to do school together. They are close in age, but Nolan picks up math lightening fast even though he’s younger. If Darian was with other kids his age, he’d see he’s not behind in math. But with a 7 year old beating him at division, it can be hard to see that. I tell Darian all the time that every person has different strengths, but he can still get frustrated. I use this phrase, “You are so smart,” to let him know that he IS smart even though it’s hard for him to see that at times. What’s something that your child is really good at? Darian’s would be talking and negotiating.

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“You’re so smart,” is the next Encouraging Phrase

from our free Phrase of the Day

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So today Darian and I are going to try out the phrase,

“You’re so smart,” in Brazilian Portuguese

and we’d love for you to try it out with us.


If you already have the $35 phrasebook,

you can find this phrase under “P” and “Praise.”

You ready to try this, Darian?

Oh yeah!

High five, let’s get going!


All right, here we go!

“Você” “Você” “é” “é” “muito” “muito” “inteligente!” “inteligente!”

“Você é muito inteligente!” “Você é muito inteligente!”

Yes! You know what threw you off there, Darian?




Yeah, You’re thinking she’s going to—

It’s very close to Spanish and—

I know I’m getting confused, “muito” right.

And what we just said,

but it can be kind of hard to transition between the two.

So I just want you to give it your best go.


As we, do Portuguese now.

Now, when Darian was really little,

he used to speak a lot of Portuguese

and then we did Spanish and it can be kind of difficult.

And so that’s something we want to start adding back in.

Should we try the phrase one more time?


Just do your best.

I don’t care if it sounds perfect,

just have fun!

And when I was little, I couldn’t say “Porque—”

Oh yeah, when he was really little

he’d say, “I don’t want to do Portugees.”

Yeah. Like that? Like that?

Portugees. I still can’t say it, Portugees.

You’re so cute.

Porkogees, that’s what it was, it was so cute.

All right, lets try it out.

It’s such a pretty language.

Here we go.

“Você” “Você” “é” “é” “muito” “muito” “inteligente!” “inteligente!”

I like that word.

“Você é muito inteligente!” “Você é muito inteligente!”

I used to be able to say that word,

now I think we’re too stuck on it.

Sometimes you get stuck on a word

and you’re like, “What’s going on?”

Give it a rest, try it again in the morning,

and it will be even better, so—

So much better.

Yeah, thanks for joining us as we got tongue-tied,

but I would love for you to use this phrase

to give a compliment.

And then on Friday, we’ll be doing, “Thank you,”

so that you can say “Thank you”

to all the compliments you’re getting

when you use this week’s Phrase of the Day


All right, DM us and comment to get it.

See ya! Bye!


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