Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! Would you please plug in my cell phone?


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Have you or your teen ever been in this situation? You finally have a minute to sit down on the couch after a hectic day, only to realize your phone battery is almost dead. And instead of getting back up, you just ask whoever is closest to you, “Would you please plug in my cell phone?” Oh, that tiny bit of help we all just need in our lives.

For me, of course, it’s usually almost dead because my kids have been using my phone to play games on it. Tech geniuses can send people into space but can’t seem to figure out how to make my cell phone battery last longer than a kid playing Crossy Road! Why is that?

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Hey, it’s Adelaide and Hector from TalkBox.Mom!

Where you can talk in a foreign language
from day one!

All right, with your family! And with this week

we’ve been working on phrases

you can use with your teenagers,

and today is the last day!
And the phrase that we’re

doing today is,
“Would you please plug in my cell phone?”

Especially if someone’s using it or you want them to plug it in because

you’re a lazy parent.

You too?

Oh my gosh.


So, we’re going to be doing this phrase
in Portuguese, but

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language of your choice! Today… to doo..we’re going to be, oh

my Heavens, doing the phrase in
Brazilian Portuguese.

So let’s go over to that book.

We’re going to “P” and then, “Plug.”

Okay, I’m not that fast, but I’m getting there.
There we go. And I think I messed

up the speaker, but I’m not sure.
Okay! “P” and then, “Plug?” “Plug.”

“Plug something in.”

There’s lots of things: tablets, stuff.

And the phrase is, “Would you please plug in…” Wait. Would you please…

“Would you please plug in my cell phone?”

Oh, right here!

Okay, found it! Found it, found it, found it.


so we’re going to do it in Portuguese.

Let’s give it a go with our native speaker.

“Você” “Você” “poderia” “poderia” “ligar” “ligar”

“meu” “meu” “celular” “celular” “na” “na” “tomada?” “tomada?”

“Você poderia ligar meu celular na tomada?”

Okay! Here I go.
“Você poderia ligar meu celular na tomada?”

Did I get it? Molto bene!

Okay, so to start using
this with your family just start

using the phrase, and if your kids are like,
“I don’t know what that means,”

what would you say to them, Hector?

That means,
“Would you please plug in the cell phone?”

Yeah in Portuguese, right?

And then you just keep doing it until…
it’s easy to start using.

Hector’s just like, “What? It’s so easy.”

Okay, if you’re using this phrase with your family and you’re

doing something funny with that or you just want to show

yourselves using it; tag us on Instagram @talkboxmom

and we’d love to feature you and your family using the phrase.

Okay. Thanks.

Bye! See you in Instagram!

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