Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! Stay where I can see you.

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Work hard, play harder. That’s my motto! We are well into summer, and after this completely abnormal school year, I am thankful to be playing hard with the kids. This week is dedicated to having fun at the park! I love to have fun as long as the kids are safe… because they do some pretty crazy stuff. We’re starting this week off with one of the first things I say when we arrive at the park, “Stay where I can see you.”


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🇧🇷Brazilian Portuguese
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All right, Darian.

I have a surprise for you.
I love surprises!

This last week our phrases were all
focused on errands,

which I loved, and Darian-

So this week we’re going to be doing playground phrases.

So if you can play at playgrounds where
you’re at, or you

have a playground in your backyard-
Because you have a little swing in

your yard.

Yeah, I have a little swing that keeps going down.

We don’t have like, a full playground, but we have a little swing.

It’s like a swing, but like, the branch is like this.

It’s on the tree, huh?

So it’s like, going always down until you like, swing enough and you

hit the tree.

Yeah, we’ve got to move it back up.

Tree swing problems.

Okay, so when we get to the playground something I always

say to Darian is, “Stay where I can see you,” because you just

want to run off and have fun.

So that’s the foreign language phrase that we’re going to

be doing today.

If you want to follow along, you can

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Okay, Darian, now it’s button time. And Darian’s going to choose-

And you can follow in the book, or on the app-

If you have the book, you can follow along in the app.

I’ll show you how to get there.

All right, go for it, Darian.

One, one, one, two, five, four!

Brazilian Portuguese.

Okay, so if you have the phrasebook, to find it in the app in the

language that you’re doing, you want
to go to, “S.”

“S” for super soup.

For super soup, and then you want to go to “See,” as in, “What do I see?”

And then, let’s try out this phrase. Here-
Can’t find the, “C,” can’t find it.

Can’t find it?
Can’t find it, need to find it.

Remember that time I hit your tooth with it?

I was like-

Okay, here we go.







Do you want to do it one more time, slower, or do you want to do the whole phrase?

We can do it.

It was “Fique onde,”

The end was “você,” yeah.

Let’s do the slow one.

Let’s do that one more time for fun.



That’s like, “Where?”





“Fique onde eu posso ver você.”
“Fique onde eu posso ver você.”

All right, I got that one bit. Darian, you’re on your way, right?

Yeah, I was just a little yawn-y.

Yeah, I heard you do a little yawn in there.

So to teach your child this phrase, you would want to say it,

and then if they don’t know what you’re

saying, then say it again or say it in English and then say it in

the foreign language again. Give yourself time to learn it.

Don’t expect to say it right away.

You’re going to need that time.
Battery charge!

Where you going, Darian?

Oh, did you run out of batteries?

Oh no, Darian ran out of batteries, we’re going to have

to recharge him.

So, if you’re using this phrase, tag us in your Instagram stories

@talkboxmom, and we will see you in those stories.

Bye, everybody!

Thanks so much for watching.

My mom is my favorite person in the whole world.

She’s so beautiful. At the park,

she looks like a goddess who is like,
“Stay where I can see you,”

and in Portuguese, that is,
“Fique onde eu posso ver você.”

My mom is the best. Is your mom, too?

Bye, everybody!

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