Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! Please, stop.


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Yelling from across the room, running ahead on the sidewalk, messing with my hair, kids fighting with each other…the list goes on for the many times a day I say, “Please, stop.” This simple phrase will be super easy for your family to learn because it’s so short, and you’ll use it all the time! When’s the last time you had to say, “Please, stop?”

🇨🇳Chinese {Mandarin}
🇧🇷Brazilian Portuguese
🇷🇺 Russian

Do you have kids who fight?

Well, this week’s foreign language
Phrase of the Day we are

working on phrases for families
with kids who fight like

my family, because you know, it’s fun.

Alright, so today’s-
It is not fun to fight!

You get bruises and be like-

So today’s phrase to stop the fighting
is, “Please stop,” and

we’re going to be doing that phrase
in a foreign language

Darian, grab the-
Why are your hands different there?

You’re so silly.

Here’s the random language generator.

Are you ready to push it?


All right, go for it.

I’m doing it with my right hand.

Okay, and go!

All right, you chose Brazilian Portuguese.

Now if you have the $35 phrasebook, you can follow along in the app.

It comes with your book, and to get to it;

I’m going to show you how, and then we’re going to try it

out in Portuguese all together.

So I hope you’re down to do this with us.

So to get to this phrase you’re going
to go to, “S,” and

then Darian, can you push-
Where did your hands go?

Then you’re going to go over to, “Stop.”
My hands shrunk to little baby hands.


There’s so many phrases, there are 1,700 phrases in this book.

I went too far.

I was like, where did it go?

Mom, my hands!

What is it?
Look, they’re shrinking!

Oh no! Here, sit closer to me
so we can see you.

There we go.

Here we go.

So in Portuguese, they like to say it the other way, “Stop, please,”

so that’s how we’re going to do it.

Here we go.

Oh wait, let me get this a little bit louder.

Let’s hear it. Are you ready, Darian?
Let’s try it with me. You good?

Here we go!


“por” “por”


“Para, por favor.”
“Para, por favor.”

So, a really great way to teach
your children a phrase

is also just to put them in a situation.

So Darian, I want you to go to hit the button,
but I’m

going to tell you “Para, por favor,” and you’re going to stop because

it means “Stop, please.” No, no, you’re
going to go to hit it,

like, take your hand really slowly.

So let them see the button-
They couldn’t see the button on camera.

Can you bring it over?

Okay, there we go. “Para, por favor.”

Okay, now bring it back up.

And then go again, here we go.

“Para, por favor.”

And this just helps them learn like, in a situation what the phrase is.

“Para, por favor.” Right? And then you’re able

to learn now in Portuguese, now.
I pushed it!

Kind of sounds like Spanish, too.

Okay, awesome!

If you’re practicing this phrase in
your home, we would love

to see you in our stories @talkboxmom.

I tried to catch that but I did not.
Darian, “Para, por favor.”

My mom’s a ninja, look!

I am a ninja, don’t tell everybody I’m a ninja though, man.

“Para, por favor!”

All right, we’ll see you in the stories. Bye!

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