Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! Let’s sit in the shade.

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Ice cream, cake, donuts, popsicles… do you and your kids have a sweet tooth? My boys love a scoop of ice cream in a cone with a cherry on top. Oh, sorry, make that three cherries for Nolan. 😅😘 In the warmer months, it’s always fun to grab a treat, sit in the shade, and just enjoy being outside. If that sounds like a good time, you should totally start using today’s phrase, “Let’s sit in the shade,” the next time you are hanging outside with your family. While you’re at it, don’t forget to grab a little treat that might help put them in a great mood to learn a new phrase! 😉


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Today, we’re doing the phrase,

“Let’s sit in the shade.”

I almost said, “Let’s sit in the phrase.”

Here, come on the screen more.

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Okay Darian, let’s do this!

Did you push it?

I think you pushed already.

Okay, you chose Portuguese!
Brazilian Portuguese.

To get to this phrase,

you’re going to want to go down to “S” for Superman. All right. Super, super,

super, super, super.

All right.

Will you sit closer to me, Darian? Because I’m losing half your face.

It’s okay.

You can see my face now.

Okay, perfect.

So let’s do, “Let’s sit in the shade.”
In Portuguese

there’s more, like, an informal you
can say, “a gente”

or we could say, “vamos.”

Let’s do the second one today.
“Vamos” or “gente?”

“a gente” “a gente” Let’s hear it. That seems a little hard.

Are you ready?


“A” “A” “gente” “gente”

“vai” “vai” “pra” Oh, wait! “pra”
I’m doing the wrong phrase.

Okay. Sorry!

That was a good one though.

“Let’s sit in the shade.”

I just did, “Let’s go in the shade.”


Let’s try it again.

Here we go.

“Let’s sit in the shade.”

“A” “A” Come up here.

“gente” “gente”

“vai” “vai”

“sentar” “sentar” “sentar” “sentar”

“na” “na” “sombra” “sombra”

“A gente vai sentar na sombra.”
“A gente vai sentar na sombra.”

Let’s do it again together.

“A gente vai” “vai” “A gente vai” “A gente vai”

“sentar” “sentar” “A gente vai sentar”
“A gente vai sentar”

“A gente vai sentar na sombra.”
“A gente vai sentar na sombra.”

Sometimes when phrases are a little longer, and you’re just starting them-

It’s really like, it’s hard.
You need to hear the full phrase again and

just give yourself time.

He’s really, really close.

So I just want to celebrate that, Darian!
That was brave!

I’m close! You are close! You want to do it again?

The full phrase? Let’s say it.
Let’s do it.

Get ready, people! “sombra” “sombra”

That was the last word, sorry.

“A gente vai sentar na sombra.”
“A gente vai sentar na sombra.”

It kind of sounds like a song.

Portuguese is very sing-songy. I’m trying to scoot your, scoot your patoot so

you’re right next to me.
You mean like this?

Okay, that’s really good.



Stop doing that.

I am Darian!

You’re the app now! Oh! The app has arms!

All right guys, if you’re using
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Okay, we gotta go! For obvious reasons.

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