Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! I love when you sing.

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Today’s phrase, “I love it when you sing,” goes right along with Tuesday’s phrase! Have you ever noticed how much kids love to sing? I mean, I try to get my boys to sing to Taylor Swift with me, but for some reason, they don’t like to do that too often 😜 What’s some favorite tunes around your house?

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🇧🇷Brazilian Portuguese
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Hey! Welcome back to our compliment week

for Phrase of the Day in foreign languages!

Darian and I are doing the phrase today,

”I love when you sing,”

which is a compliment for me,

’cause I’m not a great singer,

but maybe you love it when I sing?

Not really, that was a little annoying sometimes.

Ah! What a nine year old!

Well I love when I sing, so I’m gonna keep singing.

All right, so we’re gonna try out this phrase

in a foreign language,

if you already have the $35 phrase book,

Darian, can you show them the book

just so they remember.

Then I’ll show you in the app where,

where to find the phrases for that,

if not, you can count the phrase with Darian and I,

and so Darian,

that’s, oh, let me go to the books,

all right you choose the language,

go for it Darian.

All right, you chose Brazilian Portuguese.

So to find this phrase in the app,

we’re gonna go down to “S.”

“S” for, I’m trying to think of a new one.

A different thing that starts with “S”

We’re gonna go over to “Sing.”


Snake does start with “S.”

We notice sing,

and it is, ”I love when you sing.”

Oh, this looks so pretty in Portuguese, let’s do this.

“Amo” “Amo” “quando” “quando” “você” “você” “canta.” “canta.”

“Amo quando você canta.” “Amo quando você canta.”

Oh, I love that! “Amo

quando você canta.”

You wanna look at it.

“Amo quando você canta.” “Amo quando você canta.”

Oh, that was so great Darian!

for a first time to say that,

that was really good!

I’m gonna be saying that a lot today

and you’re gonna be saying it to me a lot today Darian,

’cause I’m gonna sing non-stop today

because I know that you love it,

when I sing.

Oh, when kids grow up, all right!

Stop it!

Thank you so much for joining us,

we will see you later for the next Phase of the Day, bye!


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