Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! I can’t find the diaper bag.


in the language of your choice!

Which baby bag do you recommend? Did you find one you really liked? I love a bag that is super light weight… a back pack… and black, so I totally love the Ryla bag. But my husband is all about the most practical bag that arrives in two days from Amazon. Anything more than $25 is silly to him.

But no matter which bag you have, you’ll end up looking all over for it, saying “I can’t find the diaper bag,” because you’re just really tired! I think this phrase is perfect for ending our week of forgetful mom phrases, because if you have a baby bag, that’s probably the most forgetful you’ll be as a mom, right?!

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Hi! It’s Adelaide with today’s Phrase of the Day! And, I’m with my evil Meow Meows cat.

Meow. Whoa! Gosh, that cat! What an evil cat you have. He robbed six banks today.

Oh my gosh.

Is he going to do the Phrase of the Day for forgetful moms


us? Yes, but look, he now turned into a marker.

Oh! Well, today’s forgetful phrase is,
“I can’t find the diaper bag.”

Okay. Do we ever lose the diaper bag? And do we

ever hear me say,
“I can’t… I can’t find the diaper bag.”

Yes! Like, “Ok, found the diaper bag, but where’s the wipes?”

Now, I’m like, “I found the wipes. Now, where’s the diaper bag?”

And, you know what’s nice with this phrase?

“I can’t find the…” you can take other words and switch it

out. You can, like, find…
Yeah, do you have your, do you have that,

that free download that you can show everybody that if you

message us or you comment below-
-Yes, it’s like free!

It’s free! And it’s the most awesomest calendar. You look on

your calendar.

You’re like, “What phrase should we
practice today?” Hmm.

Let me look with my invisible long beard.

Okay “quantos” something.
Very good!

I like, I like that, “quantos” something.

Do you think invisible Kitty’s ready to do this?

Come here.

Okay, let’s do this phrase is,
“I can’t find the diaper bag.”

And can you, you and invisible Kitty can use the… I’ll hold

it so we don’t hurt invisible Kitty.
We’ll use the random

language generator and
you guys can choose a phrase.

Go for it. …or a language.

Whoa, you push that soon.

Okay! Brazilian Portuguese!

Are you ready for this?
Invisible Kitty is now on your head. If you already…

Oh, can you get him off? He’s just so, like, itchy!

Okay, so if you already have the $35 phrase book, you can

follow along in the companion app, and I’m going to show

you how to find it, and then we want to challenge you to do

this phrase with us in Portuguese or whatever language you are learning. Portuguese!

Here we go!

So, to find it in the app, you’re
going to go to “D” “D” for “Diaper Bag,

or “destruction,” or Darian, or dog, or dinner.

Ok, let’s stop doing our “D”s and let’s
go over to “Diaper bag.”

All right, so we’re doing the phrase,

“I can’t find the diaper bag.”
Is it the one hearted?

No, it was not the one hearted.

It was right under it! We were so close.

Okay, here we are in Portuguese.

Let’s do this.

“Não” “Não” “consigo” “consigo” “achar” “achar”

“a” “a” “bolsa” “bolsa” “de” “de” “fralda” “fralda”. Oh, no.

I am going to do it one more time slow.

Oh, we got a little lightning thunder going on here.

Sorry, sorry, we’re really sorry!

And, I also heard you burp.

I was trying to say, “Excuse me” when
I’m trying to do that,

I’m like, “ex….scu…quons”

Here we go. I’m, sorry. I’m sorry.

Learning languages with kids is the best! Okay.

“Não” “Não” “consigo” “consigo” “achar” “achar”

“a” “a” “bolsa” “bolsa” “de” “de” “fralda” “fralda”.

“Não consigo achar a bolsa de fralda.”
“Não consigo achar a bolsa de fralda.”

That was pretty good for our first time full

way through on that phrase.
We used to be, used to, we used to, like I

remember the doggie. Oh!

Okay, we got some thunder.

I hope the power does not go out. So, we can’t wait to hear you using this phrase.

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We will see you there @talkboxmom.
All right! Bye!

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