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Hello and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day.

Today’s phrase is, “Do you want to draw?” I think this would

be a great phrase to start using if you have your kids at

home, and you need to keep people active and busy because

because we all have our kids at home.

Hey, hey there.



Do you and Darian want to join us on this side of the the


In a minute? Okay, great.

All right.

So, if you would like our Phrase of the Day calendar for

the week, you can just DM us,

and we will send it out to you in the language

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Okay, so can you hold the calendar and tell them about the calendar?


So the calendar is a thing that you do every day, and it tells

you the Phrase of the Daaaaaay!

Perfect. Okay.

Now, we are gonna play the phrase in one language.

We’re going to use our random

language generator.

Can you do that?

Yes, let me just… Are you putting your sock on? He’s my

friend. Ok, so if you have… ok, here we go!

hold on.

Hold on.

Hold on. Hold it, hold it…

Okay, you already clicked it.

Oh, there we go Brazilian Portuguese!

Well, we didn’t do that yet, did we?

We did last week, but not this week. First time this week.


Yeah, first time this week. Yeeaaah!


So if you already have the $35 phrasebook, you can follow

along in the app because when you get the phrasebook it

appears in the app. To find it in the app,

you’re going to go to “D.”

Okay, “D!” And then you’re going to go to “Draw”.

Oh, right there!

I passed it.

There we go.

Okay, here we are.

Okay, and the phrase was… there was one phrase there that…

Oh, yeah.


The phrase is, “Do you want to draw?” Here,

we go.

I see it right here. Are you ready?

Okay, so to teach your child this phrase… are you making your face

all red? I’m a tomato.


To teach your child this phrase,

I would walk up to them with a paper and a pencil or

a paper and crayons or have it out on the table and then say it to help

make the connection.

So we’re going to practice with the native speaker.

Here we go.

Oh wait wrong phrase.

Here we go.


“Você” “Você” “quer” “quer” “desenhar?”

“desenhar?” “Você quer desenhar?”
Let’s back that up and do that one again.

It’s like the first time can be really, really hard.

But if you keep doing it and keep doing, like, if you practice

every day; okay, maybe like 2 weeks or 3.

I don’t know, but if you don’t practice it like a lot, it might

take more time.

I think this would maybe take you, like, a day or two to pick

up this.

Yeah, like yeah because if we did this every day probably

a couple times a day.

Do you want to draw?

Yeah, let’s do it again. So we can just like just like yeah,

“Você quer desenhar?”

Let’s try it. “Você” “Você”



“desenhar?” Let’s do it slow again,


I love to just do the slow part.

If you feel like some of the sounds are getting dropped,

It’s like it it’s not working, you gotta back it up a little!

“Você” “Você”

“quer” “quer” “desenhar?” “desenhar?”
“Você quer desenhar?”

“Você quer desenhar?” “Você quer desenhar?” That’s my best Portuguese.

So like Darian was saying it will take you a couple of weeks to

a couple months to hear the sounds.


So, to teach you the phrase,

I would grab this and I would come up to you and in my best

Portuguese, I would say… Oh, you’re gonna say

to me?


Okay. Do you want me to play the app?

Yeah, one more time say so my little brain can get it.

Okay, let’s get your little brain to know.
I love your little brain.

“Você” “Você” “quer” “quer”
“desenhar?” “desenhar?”

Great! Now, Darian, I didn’t do the full phrase because

you’re doing one word at a time.

so well.. Yes! That I want to make sure you’re doing one word

at a time so well, and then in like a day or two, I’ll have

you do the full phrase.

Okay, you know, it feels really easy.

Você quer desenhar?

Yes! We want to keep it feeling really easy because

then I know Darian will keep doing it.
If I make it too hard

do you wan to do it?

No. I’d just wanna like do this…

gotta keep it easy and fun.


So we’re going to be watching for you guys in our stories

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So tag us with @talkboxmom on IG, so that we can see it popping up.

Oh, yeah, and then give us DMs for

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