Brazilian Portuguese Phrase of the Day! Did you have a nice nap?

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“Did you have a nice nap?” is a question that goes both ways! Of course you can use this with your little one after they wake up. But also, are you a parent who naps? Both Hector and I love to get a nap in when we can (which isn’t often!). The boys know that if they wake me up from a nap, their electronics time is over. So they’ve learned to be extra quiet when I am sleeping, so they can have extra movie or video game time!

🇨🇳Chinese {Mandarin}
🇧🇷Brazilian Portuguese
🇷🇺 Russian

Nolan, did you have a nice nap?


Yes, you did?


I know.

If I ask Nolan that he gets kind of upset

because he doesn’t like to, he’ll just fall asleep.

So Nolan, you will, like, fall asleep in the car

or somewhere, and then I’ll carry you into the

restaurant and lie you on the chair, right?

And you’ll just sleep the whole time,

and then I’ll put you back in the car,

then I’ll put you in the cart,

and I’ll go grocery shopping.

Then I’ll put you back in the car.

Then we’ll get home, and I’ll put you

in your bed, or on the couch,

and then you’ll wake up, right?

No, I mostly wake up in the car.

Yeah, oh yeah, and you wake up in the car

on the way home. No, in the cart.

Oh in the cart, at the grocery store?

Yeah, when you’re shopping.

Yeah sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t.

But then– I wake up when you never know,

but I just– You just pretend?

Yes, so I don’t have to take my shoes off.

You want to take your shoes off?

No, so I don’t take my shoes off.

So you don’t take your shoes off?

So you don’t take them off me.

What do you mean?

Oh okay. Well, Nolan, he does not like to admit

that he fell asleep or that he napped,

but when he wakes up,

we know that he’s awake,

but he does not want to admit he fell asleep.

So this is one phrase we don’t say to Nolan,

but Hector says to me, I say to the baby,

we say to other people.

So Nolan, you could say this to the baby.

Oops, sorry. I went into another thing. Right?

So let’s try out this phrase,

“Did you have a nice nap?”

And my excellent napper, who will not admit it,

are you ready for this?

Okay. Grab that random language generator.

We’re going to try out this phrase in

one language. Okay. Go for it, Nolan.

All right. We got Brazilian Portuguese.

If you already have…

Nolan, can you show them the book?

Pretty, please?

If you already have the $35 phrasebook,

we’ll show you how to find it in the app.

So you’re going to go to “N”

I’m just scrolling there now.

And then we’re going to go over to, “Nap.”

Oh, it’s the first one,

so we don’t need to go over.

You know what that cat says? The cat says,

“Did you have a nice nap?”

Just kidding.

Okay. So let’s go to that one.

We have, like, you need to take a nap,

it’s time for a nap, she didn’t nap long enough,

she napped a long time,

don’t come out.

Oh, here it is.

“Did you have a nice nap?” Here we go, Nolan.











“Você tirou uma boa soneca?”

“Você tirou uma boa soneca?”

That’s really pretty.

Do you like the sing-songy of the Portuguese?

Do you hear it?

“Boa soneca”

Do you hear that?

You don’t hear that? I love that part.

That’s one of my favorite parts

of Brazilian Portuguese, and how

one of the reasons it differs from

Continental Portuguese.

Okay. So to start using this phrase

you would just add it whenever you go and

wake your child up from their nap,

or they come out from their nap

you can say that. And your kids can also say it

to a younger sibling.

Thanks so much for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day.

Nolan, thank you for joining me.

Looks like you might need a nap right now.

Saw you yawning.

All right, bye.


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